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Right well now, Blake. We know the traumatic things that happened in your high school, but I wanna know what kind of high school kid you're like. What who did you run with well I mean. So popular so. Back Mean Yeah. I was like the quarterback quarterback. Yeah, I was like the quarterback and all that sophomore year starting quarterback, but like my screws. We though because it was so small that there weren't like click because we all grew up together, so we all knew each other like obviously in highschool different. You sit with at lunch. If you will you know I mean I. Guess was the cool table, but there really wasn't like A. Bad tape! We didn't have bad kids. Get Kids, and it's Kinda weird thing in a small town. How big was your class? That's really nice. I had five hundred per grade. Yeah. So. It's pretty Big Ben. What about you? I was I had four hundred per grade And it's a small town. My high school experiences while but Blake. We got through the football around some time from quarterback. I come into the other day when you're throwing the balls. Oh, you're quarterback. Try Try, and my heart is still have a live back. My golden years as I sleep on. My fiancee's in my fiance's parents house, asking you to eat their food. I've been down in Nashville Tennessee now for about two weeks. we literally all seven of US have quarantined inside this house, so it's like it's funny. Every seven or seventeen seven there seven. But it's funny Blake. Are Fans love it, I love. It is like Ashen I've talked about it. We've turned into schoolers all over again. Because all of a sudden, we're like freaking out. Our parents like eating. Their food were sleeping on their couch. Like this whole thing has been wild. Everyday, it's like mom can't. Cheese I, don't when I'm ever going to grow out of that I. Think it's when you you have kids of your own. I was thinking that. Maybe I still don't like I. Don't think anybody's adult until they had kids. I! Don't think so either. I completely agree Jason. Tanner are one hundred percent adults. Jerry tonight we're. Going to sit in the backseat of the car. And My mom and dad are gonNA drive. Okay so then. Where did you go to college? And did you play High School and College? It'd be play. Highs woke up. Did you like quarterback in college. Search of yes I went to Hastings College, a small college in Nebraska I wanNA say. Five hundred thousand people like not so pretty like a big high school school. Big High School. Be I played football at their house recruited. So it's funny, because I can't believe well, some of the pictures have come out, but I was accrued as a quarterback. Played quarterback for about year year and a half. Going into spring training spring season of my sophomore year. We got this bad ass. Yuko quarterback match was not good enough, so I went to the coach and I was like coach I'm Never GonNa play. They can I. Do something else. He's like yeah, actually. Your Napoli and we think we can put some weight on like you want to be a tight end, so I was like sure and I was up to two forty when I was out and I was a big. just ate like five chicken breast for lunch. You know like huge steaks for dinner. I was loved live as great. Beyond about to forty, going into my senior year of college, I was like my neck was like he. Different Blake definitely a different point. How are you at the ladies throughout high, school and College? High School at two girlfriends. Author Highschool so college was initially timeframe so I was. I was super shy growing up in in high school. College is kind of where I broke out a little bit, but wasn't a big man on campus. Quote, unquote anymore so it was more of a time. I think every high schools like NOUMEA's like. The quarterback like that guy, but then in college I got to kind of reinvent myself. Because people didn't know me us that and so I liked. That's what's so cool about college. Is that like all the sudden? There are not cliques anymore. You are fresh person. It's your rep goes. Yeah, and I wanted to break out of the. Stereotypical athlete like I wanted to break out of that I didn't WanNa be that guy anymore. Because I think a lot of people would only see that so called school from me, I I took a bunch of classes. That I never would have ended up getting degrees in marketing, communication and I really broke out of my like. Probably software years broke out of my shell I was still like super shy freshman year. It's offering broke out of my shell and like people didn't know his jock. I was just at fun game campus. who like knew everybody was friends everybody in that kind of thing so? That you're like? Pretty natural with the ladies I mean. Everyone loves we call it, back seat. Girls Love you coming off Becca season like doing events with you and just seeing their reaction to you was incredible and then in paradise. We obviously saw that you know you were girl that a lot of your guy that a lot of girls had their eye on and well. We know that there is drama that ensued and you didn't. You weren't exactly that girl that wanted to end up. Everybody was going like trying to make that didn't end up with anybody I think that. Was the plane going into paradise, but there wasn't initial attraction that many girls had. What is it about you and did you always have this power over women? I don't know I. Think I just. I think. Like. Self described here and I'm going. Oh Don't do it. DON'T SWEAT IT NO! I think maybe UNDIS-. I think people are comfortable around me. I guess I. Think Very Yeah. I'm very self deprecating. I don't think like I. Don't take myself seriously. and so I think people just comfortable around against I. think that's actually pretty good answer. and. GonNa talk to yeah, and I think I'm always that person. Whether, it be at like like parties, clubs or family reunions, or what a house parties that want to make sure everybody's having a good time to make sure everybody's comfortable and everybody's..

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