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The boat. The realization says the halls are so light they aren't making enough money selling crab to pay for gas for the boat. These days last year is pretty bad. This year was a little bit words and then next year should be allowed. Better better because there were a lot of shorts this year. But those crabs should be big next year. We're efficient awful Pacifica near the Golden Gate season slow right now, it's kind of coming to an end Kyle lumbergh is still selling crab off the boat. Miss g and customers on the dock seemed happy fishermen may jump on another boat and head north where preseason recently opened but boats that have already fished one fishery have to wait thirty days before they had north miss g's, captain Jerry Brown says he's staying put but I'll put in a plug for his hometown of Half Moon bay. If you don't get your craving. Go get your and your clam chowder. He's now looking forward to salmon season it happened bay Margie Schaefer KCBS a nineteen year veteran of the contra Costa county fire protection districts being charged with possession and embezzlement. The contra Costa county district attorney is alleging that Richard Stevenson chief of emergency medical services, stole drugs belonging to the fire district. Stevenson is charged with possession of Fenton, all and Modesto lamb, a drug used to relax patients before surgery or medical procedures, contra Costa county fire spokesman Steve hill tells KCBS news is that we did not find any signs of tampering with any of the operational. Stocks medicine that had been in the field. However out of it abundance of Russian we made the decision to completely replace all of them. Anyway, at last report Stevenson was in custody, a novel idea from governor Gavin Newsom to tie gas tax money to how much housing city or county builds is already generating some pushback KCBS political reporter, Doug sovereign says the governor is trying to give local governments more incentive to meet their housing goals. The budget proposal from governor Newsom reward, cities and counties that meet more ambitious targets for building new housing from a bonus pool, but punish those that? Don't by depriving them of revenue from the SP one gas tax Newsome says it only makes sense.

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