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To stay to let the kids bring the kids. Yeah that's why we do. It is birthday. We turned up a birthday. Mov girl come on diane team. Graham is it. Lynette diehard birthday december. Two right oh. I might be doing something that we come to see. My mom tells how old time to on sunday the thirteenth trying to do. We're going to turn up. Maybe we chat. Were all this on sunday. Dire whole a of that. George henry valerie time oil. Let's go you're saying coin. Scotty skip the money. The money money money money. Shange birthday is to indecent. All y'all got gotta team saj trouble and rochester new york of kicking birth. Come on your. I think we can all the way up until the twelve or something like that with the no two weeks. Come on come on. Come see me. What all inflammation new york king towns calling a city all weekend but we don't fry you got the money that the money the money emoji chat room. You got money highs you come. I think he. Because i think he's going to be the bill to be. Diane diane hallways in the building am on hand. Use that waffle maker yet. Yeah let us know what is she. We'd let let we give the every black for will do a city wrapped that up the city. How many times have you you get it. I've done it a thousand town. Lynette is here good morning girl who else we have sean hayes jones here good morning showing dino is in the building good morning the low. How are you today. Tavalea is here. Hello tara hager. On this early rain she got the kids. She's that that's my girl. Have you been hanging out lately. Yeah all right good. All the time said was. Yeah diane and lee a good morning. The queen is in the building. Okay and how he comes. It's going to be cradled. new york. King coleman few minutes on election day especially go into atlantic city december eleventh we in the building and pointed formation about that. If you in atlantic city because of covid barbie along you and the king explain it you can like. I have if you staying at one hotel. They're not allowing you to go from one hotel to the next time. You can't hotel hap you can't. They're not doing. Hotel happened in atlantic city. Whatever hotel you staying in potty part of part of the kobe i can turn anywhere. You're staying in another hotel though. Can you go to your show. Hotel can't even do it can deal. Everybody can't do it. Wow that really changes everything not really no. But that's that's not right because what if they run out of space. Do you know what is in their own right now. We're talking about this every day. God tina graham. Says she'll be there. Take teeny graham hate shawl harvey new york king talent regime on a bunch of comedians. We and we've partying. This is not like a comedy show and then after the comedy. Show we you know you know. How do i do comedy. Show do a show that we turn up with the party. This what we get dressed up everybody putting the pressure you and bring him ask right. Okay your about partying up. Ken black is k. Good morning.

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