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They took her medal away the websites slick, Ben like you'd think that marathon investigator dot com might have a problem. But that's a that's lik website or thought investigation dot com, Dan, and I can tell you this is the best website that I've ever seen that has to deal with marathon investigational me to Derek. I'm definitely I'm a leader in the industry. Definitely. Most of us. Remember, the infamous Rosie Ruis who had was she the first one to to become notorious for this kind of cheating. Yeah. Definitely. And it was getting taking the taking the subway in Boston marathon, and you know, to win it now with all the technology and the timing mats. You're not gonna get away with that very long. They'll figure out before you cross finish line. You know that you didn't win. But I have that same thing happened couple of years ago. There was a guy hit website that he wanted to do three sub three hour marathons and all the marathon Niger's, which is, you know, world's biggest marathons and someone message me that they saw this guy on taking a subway. And sure enough I checked it and missing timing splits and people still cheap that same way. But it's it's much harder to get away with it. No is is hills wife now officially the second. Most infamous cheater after Rosie Ruiz or have there been other celebrity type of cheaters where we would know the name. Probably not that you would know the name other than their teething. I've written some that have gone pretty viral. There is a runner that had done base in Fort Lauderdale and keeping the sect took a picture of her finish line photo..

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