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Good morning. Jackie. What other industries should we tell our kids to aim for? Oh my gosh. Well, first of all I was shocked by the number of healthcare jobs on that list. Almost fifty percent. So healthcare is a big one. Also, you know IT related positions. I think app development was number one. So a lot of these more technological kind of industries are a big one as well. Okay. What about I was surprised to see that legal marijuana and hemp was also up there? Yeah. I mean, that's certainly increasing. I think maybe with the rise of medical marijuana. And obviously it legal in many states now. So I think that is definitely something. We'll see continued to increase. Okay. What kind of jobs are we seeing on the decline perhaps something they shouldn't air aim for? So so closely I'm very random things on that list floral designer embalmer bomber was one that I saw that was a little odd photo processing, I mean, some of these sort of answer. Created industries, which is sort of. No surprise that that they're changing. Yeah. I saw TV Nance are on there. So that made me worry a little bit too. Textile machine operator prefab homebuilder too. So it seems like we're getting away from a lot of manual jobs. And like, you said going more into IT the and and healthcare coders personal care hospice to as the population ages. Yes, exactly. Well, and even something like floral designer which is one of the ones on the bad list. You could see why? Because now people are buying flowers online as opposed to going into a shop. So anything that's more directed toward you know, something that you can buy online. I think clear, right. Yeah. Okay. Jackie Duccio, hiring and staffing expert. We appreciate your time. Thank you so much eight twenty twenty-five today, by the way is the first day that girls can become boy scouts when the voice scouts of America announced last year. It was allowing girls to join the girl scouts immediately sued alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition is that plays out in federal court girls are signing up anyway, the boy scouts claim they're continuing an effort to become more inclusive, and that the move will allow more kids to get involved in scouting. They also say this will be better for families allowing brothers and sisters to be involved in the same things. The girl scouts say there are multiple benefits to all girl troops. And this move undermines that Sherry Preston. ABC news time now is eight twenty six that NewsRadio K K, I'm Christina Madonna's along with Dan Richardson. Let's get a check of our traffic troublespot now half surface. Read problem that's going to be eastbound forty seventh avenue at forty four th street two vehicles in the eastbound lanes. There are injuries as well. CHP at the saints a lot of activity a great place to avoid right now. Traffic and weather together in three minutes at a hidden surcharge when you fill out that gas tank we're looking into that this morning more at eight thirty here on KFI Kay.

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