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On the turnpike as well. Frequent lane shifts and closures between I 75 in the turnpike exit 47 be aware of possible lane closures, both sides of 5 95. Between I 95 4 41 I'm Paul Cross news radio 6 10 Wi OD. The Super Bowl in Tampa, even during the pandemic brings fans from around the country for the game, as well as more than 70 different police agencies to work alongside Tampa police to keep it secure. It's been unique because of the challenges of the pandemic and being a home game for the Bucks, but you know we're ready for police you, Brian Dugan says Large crowds gathered in the IV or city section of town could endanger the liquor licenses of some bars. But he also says conflicting orders between Governor De Santis and the mayor. Complicate enforcement efforts. The governor has done what he can to limit local governments from enforcing rules aimed at limiting the spread of the Corona virus. He wants the state open for business. The lockdown don't work on their own, but they caused catastrophic damage to society. De Santis told Fox and friends that Florida runs in the middle of the pack and mortality per capita from covered 19. But its economy has recovered much faster than most states. The pandemic has still limited the economic benefit. Tampa expected from hosting a Super Bowl NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that could help the city get another Super Bowl sooner. Everyone knows the unique circumstances that we face this season. They also know how extraordinary Tampa has been and working through that. I think that will be a big consideration and their minds when they do sit down and vote. Super Bowl 55 is the fifth. Tampa has hosted the first since 2009 people trying to get Corona virus. Vaccines have often met frozen websites to make first come first serve appointments. Penelas Candy will change how it sets appointments online when we have additional vaccine first shot vaccine. Our system is going to reach out to people that are registered county Administrator Barry Burton says. It will take time, even after people registered to get an appointment simply because there aren't enough shots yet, But Florida's news I'm John, the Kristen The doctor. I'm a doctor is in. Can I ask you a question as a doctor? Sure. Glenn back. What is the sweet spot for the number of mass? I have 25 draft 25 masks. I think my pants are all news radio 6 10 w y o D Mobile Mike here and getting.

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