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Wide wrestling in that you saw a little bit earlier was just man arn anderson. Of course cousin. i'll only anderson. And of course obviously by your techniques in the ring you were in there to hurt somebody and neighboring yourself. You're absolute iraq. Sure exactly right out on first of all only was supposed to be here tonight. I don't know what the problem must have been bad weather. That's all plunged into the water. Here you send me. We're gonna man over anderson style too long around here to around here to show people exactly what professional wrestling all about. Anything flashy data. But i'm getting result like a worm on that map referee derek. I'm tracking arm. I'm cracking cracking. What are you finally hear. The final result i went. Get me outta here. Please get me out of your wallet. Bigger action raisin bowl owners. I want to but as you'll enjoy a minute before the ticket knows about they're not picking up to that as a big brother for federal law and talking new round here now the power to other obviously not working over the ranger bullet point. Well you're exactly correct. Three men would be. But i i haven't even broken with your big the hero those. We're all people here. We end up back to the senate voted him out. Nowadays a couple of things combined you get out on this upper body one time. Just scoot right down on his upper body. You'll get a full view of this right here. You're looking at two hundred and forty five pounds. Culture bo. his position strategically it's all looking dislike. It ought to look and the main thing is is functional. So i'll tell you what roads sitting at the top of the heap somewhere raging bull. Daddy rabbit explain to you aa zone the same. I'm here from competition. And what has smoke clears. I'm used to be king of the hill yesterday. What i'm saying. So i usually just take my place at the top and that's that we'll get respect around here. I'm going to beat it out of you inspect simple. Obviously with the last name of anderson here gonna get plenty of respect. You're exactly right one way or the other and it's been your pleasure. I'm sure the bottom line is going to being and being the country. And i'm just a man i'm the youngest anderson. I'm the best looking and this was just the calm before the storm route when you thought it was to go back in the ring what is it come from the biggest and the best looking is right here. It's been your pleasure okay. We'll see you next.

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