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No okay there are twenty four thousand eight hundred forty five people in Elk River there were in two thousand eighteen now don if you had to eat the same thing every day for the rest your life what would it be in the fall I thought she was going to say hello still oi member that lady anybody yes okay so we have a topic today don you have to choose between either don or Steve who do you think knows more about this topic one word songs by one name artist yeah okay so Donna comes down to who do you think knows more one word songs by one name artists don or Steve all right Steve I am sorry but it's a don don don today I love to go to the bathroom anyway I'll take my phone text yeah okay I'll just say hi okay when it's time to come back okay all rights okay in that case Steve now exit the room the timer will start after I asked the first question and just reminder don you keep quiet in the background now you don't yell at it okay well done is answering questions but we will come to you after this if you want to change any of the answers are you ready I'm ready I'm ready to okay I am not okay yes now I am here okay here we go I will give you the opening lyric you tell me the one name singer and the one word song yeah I'll just say singer and song okay okay all right here we go nineteen eighty two I was dreaming when I wrote this forgive me if I go astray.

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