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Agree more i mean i didn't watch john hannah coming out you'll remember who john hannah was too young but john hannah was incredible from alabama this kid to me is not only a pro bowl but this could be a future hall of fame got you pass him you pass chub and then you pass my favorite player we'll get to later rokon smith to me rokon smith is the best player in the draft he's the best player in the draft i had shove their earlier but the more you watch smith he's the best player in the draft and when i look at these mocks and see row consummate going at twelve that just tells you that really nobody really knows so when you take these quarterbacks and you pass away from one of these three players that i think are locked pro bowl players i mean i'm talking like that you could put barkley in there but barina injuries kinda sometimes backs barclays a great player does he have pro bowl potential absolutely but those three to me because of their positions are locks and they get long term contracts you walk away from those guys like just hypothetically like say we were playing in a room like say the brown you know they got all these extra picks why not pick you could pick chub or rokon the first bic you could come back and pick nelson the third fourth pick right and then trade a bunch of picks trying to get up in the ten twenty and maybe you pick maybe get lamar maybe you get rosen and you could end up with three of these guys that's an option but it seems like cleveland has already set to the fact that they will take a quarterback i it's been a defective statement that they have to because they miss his previous previous dress drafts we've talked about you know desha we talked about the fact they missed carson wentz now it seemed like they had to take that quarterback and everything that's reported out of there.

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