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The march in silence to nearby marjorie stolen douglas high school the rupp was short less than a mile but ended at the expensive makeshift memorial on the far edge of campus organizers from douglas are calling for more gun control in a ban on semiautomatic weapons on friday florida governor rick scott side a school safety bill that lead sweeping changes to the states gun laws hours after signing the bill the national rifle association filed a suit arguing that the new law with unconstitutional directed booker npr news park in florida former white house strategist steve bannon is touring europe meeting with populist leaders enters eleanor beardsley reports today he told farright ralliers in france to embrace the accusation of racism as a badge of honour bannon arrived in italy to congratulate the populist candidate too toppled the establishment in general elections this week he then moved on to soreq switzerland where he claimed to have a fascinating meeting with the leaders of germany's farright party his visit culminated in an address to the annual congress of marine le pen's national front party what i've learned is your part of a worldwide movement that is bigger than france bigger than italy bigger than hungary bigger than all of it in history is on our side bannon says european populists tell him they wanna media outlet for their views like breitbart eleanor beardsley impair news paris you're listening to npr news from washington from kqed news i'm jeremy siegel members of the yawn phil community are mourning the three victims of a deadly shooting at a veteran's home there yesterday authorities say the gun men and three women were found dead after a hostage standoff at the pathway home treatment center one of the victims has been identified as the homes executive director christine lober speaking at a press conference today yountville mayor john dunbar who also sits on the board at pathway said lober often stayed overnight at.

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