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Was so sad those guards words smirking at him they were laughing during that process an uncomfortable smiling I if they're being respectful I think they try to do that Hey they I think there was what we were hired to keep you out of here we didn't volunteer this this isn't anything that we're doing because while be great to keep the drummer for Aerosmith from playing with the band but I mean you can't see I'd like to yourself until a bear it's it's weird but these bands get older and then they change it's it's like a big crowded house fan I just fired put their guys like your all your sixties now well I thought we were past that but again you know once people get a certain age maybe they just can't keep up with the software Stevie that are coming to time this summer yeah there's only two left so is only one original member so this is really this is Donald Fagen because this is this is tore said yeah the other guy never really matter water but I need the money you know it's a perfectionist and I grew up in a group yeah while they both were yeah the Steely Dan started out is like a five six or seven member would real many years member that they won Steely Dan that we now it was still those two guys Chicago face a proud of themselves a lot of people and they were like yeah Donald and they yeah they broke it off with Michael like all a part of that he was a part of it but he sang on their song he's back with the duties this year the Doobie brothers out house house or other allowing their drummer drum with it too so okay I was never big Doobie brothers fan the radio stuff I would you know they have their like Chicago in the sense that they have so many different kinds of radio hits that I don't really know what bay and they are you know it's a long way from twenty five or six to four was Chicago to what yes so now was a Chicago Chicago yeah or like Jefferson starship the changed their name billion times at least they changed their name to say Hey our modern now yeah yeah that's so that's why on as my mom's name so I used this my wife's name I'm living in a day or something I have met yeah is that the song that you played for her when you fell in love with no no no we we fell in love to Kate bush she was an artsy Farsi kind of one so the final thing with Joey Kramer not was Monday when how is a lot of my friend look it up yes the trees he was trying to get into the rehearsal space Monday yesterday a judge in Massachusetts ruled he is barred from anything to do with the band this weekend we have that we heard the judge has to get involved say you're not narrow Smith used to be a lot easier to fire a database that to bring in the law now they have money it's all good is the is the kind of like George Costanza memory a fire to the just what our yeah George Costanza drummers on the old show we we interviewed this guy we first got to LA he's very nice guy very nice guy it's sad because it's not one of these bands is had a bunch of different members yeah the same five guys since dream on so as far as I know always been a problem yeah there was a moment when Joe Perry quit and did a solo thing for a minute yeah now that you want somebody different personalities I don't have you met these guys Stephen see that as the movies on of the not always over the top laughs jokes whatever Hey run Joe Perry I take my rock and roll very seriously I don't appreciate the the the jokey questions when you when you're talking about what I do for a living you know Eric he said this to my hands you know Eric when you walk out there on that stage that's a room full of people who have paid their hard earned money and they expect to show up is my job to keep it to all alright Mr scary meanwhile I'll tell you jokes about it genitalia yes laughing you know you can have the dark without the line might make some great my wife was at a restaurant in Boston last year early last year and she and her friend were sitting there and a friend was that Steven Tyler and I saw him and they went over to him and said you know Hey sorry to bother you and his whoever female list we are eating dinner with like real dismissing cares and he stood up because these ladies want a picture yeah that's the kind of guy guys like Steven Tyler who because if you pursue fame visit this a hairy and Meghan should talk to a guy like that if you pursue fame you should love it yep if you don't want to be famous it's like the Royals ear hearing was took their turn me off you know what if you want if you don't go private publicly this is the most public we're going private yeah people who go private just fade away and the things that are you know was it was a great a Garbo yes just just like you since I'm giving a press conference to let everyone know but I want my privacy leave me alone you want your privacy you just slowly fade back but you know what you can't have your prince Harry can't have and I hate to be critical of his mother for two reasons one is she died and the second is I've always want to get Elton John on this show but what he's suffering from the same thing that she did in thought I think which is fame is not a light switch that you can turn on and off so as his mother who did great work with trying to a lot of unexploded my land mines.

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