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Eddie event there are some wonderful wonderful places that i almost hate the fact that they call themselves museum's because there is the definition of what a museum it is and it's a place that howell's loose and pick willie and interesting items of all kinds from artifacts two in fact trains and it's so different two goal to something that's the major historical museum or but so big and so overpowering that no matter how little you go to see by the end of your visit you are calling out on all four wears and wondering what did you do that you had a punisher sell for this action as or so exhausted from the experience i think there's one too many school trip that hes both boarded fatigue children to the point that anything that's the word museum attached to what they want no part tough that's one of the reasons that i'd love to talk with museum's that are of both aside is that you can handle without being completely worn out and of a subject matter that never gets boring and i'm going to guess that pretty much everybody who's listening coast to coast is going to be interested in learning more about an opportunity to visit a railway museum now a couple of weeks back we talked about all things would stock gear remember that.

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