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There's only been one or two projects that you could get one hundred percent return on your investment. And it was generally if you had a one bath or one in. Three-quarter bath home and a second fullback like the starter homes. The John F long was building. Those are great homes. Their masonry built Mr. long built a good solid house. It was a good investment. Those things are still standing. He did a good job. He was a good builder. But a lot of them were built a starter homes with one three quarter one and a half, baths one at that time. That was stay. That's exactly right. So you're not gonna get one hundred percent return. And if you're considering remodeling. You know, Reverend zone the house we've got remodelers that pretty well covered. Most of those ONA if you're down in Tucson, there's the routers that assurance builders in Phoenix in the west valley. We've got T WD in the central corridor. We've got Kirk development in the far southeast valley. We have Brad christianson BC renovations and in the northeast valley you've got rosy right remodeling. And we pretty well go down to sixty and over to central. So if you're east of central and north of ISIS, that's pretty much the area we operate in. We have done jobs in go canyon. We just finished a job in carefree in the boulders. But generally, we speak stick that northeast because what we do is if you're in the far southeast valley or in the central corridor. We send you to one of our other contractors because we know they'll be. Priced fair and do the work correctly. And it'll be more efficient for you. And if you've got a second home in you have a pirate Coconino county. We've got Jake AC up in flagstaff, and in my good friend, Tom Riley renovations who's been a press kit for forty years. So we've got you covered. If you want to get a remodeling project. Call one of the Rosie on the house, certified experts, get them out to your house and be open minded about the budget because you will be shocked this family that I've talked about from the beginning of the show that we designed for in two thousand six would it part to remodel in two thousand twelve. And now they want to do the rest of it. The price has almost doubled. Almost doubled in thirteen years. I have to keep a superintendent right now I have to pay him twice what I was paying him in in nineteen ninety nine and two thousand they're making twice and that's just the going market rate. So and that's just one person on your job. That goes for every single body involved in getting your job done. So let says Moore a lot of time..

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