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Let's get back to the show for the first time on the podcasts hot cast except for the live podcasts ladies and gentlemen long island icees zack ryder's here to rose one bike. Mike sarah's one mike yeah one night. What do you need more than what mike for. I like to maintain control. I had the same <hes> zoo podcast recruiters you they'd even use at least two mikes. There's there's four mike inputs and i'm like we're using one mine interviewed the brothers. We made them share one. My so's those two cities one mike. If you have that recorder you could put three. Mike's right but you didn't want to one hawks at one okay. Can i could have but you don't watch it but there are lucky enough to be able to show that you like insulting than the whole podcast and you're like you guys want to do the show and they yeah sure they love it. Sing brothers have the best social media in w._w._e. History why is that do you follow up. I think so yeah but i don't know if i i mean i want. It's you to go back through time light. It just scroll. Is it twitter instagram either or it's the most ridiculous any event that's going on. They could somehow related to their childhood. Oh my god twenty years ago. My dad turned on the television. Bret hart was on and now twenty years later. I'm in caterer at brit. Heart isn't the sabe rumors me catering whatever it is. They'll go somehow turn into this story. I love it have you. Are you surprised it has except for the podcasts feel like you're not you knew it was going to happen court of course of course i mean i kind of feel like aac in a year where you and hawkins finally got back to the top of the mountain. You won the tag titles at wrestlemainia in your hometown and i feel like wrestling still your secondary career and your podcasters who happened to wrestle on on your off days. I mean.

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