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He finds the bust and head of leader and later on Bilger gives her soup she discovers she's 'em usually body rather gives her body. She has no memory of everything that's going on. So she has to figure out what life is like. And the film goes through pretty quickly the name alita gives her them leader. And when use the term life development ensues. Should meet the boy she finds out what the revolves around which is motor ball. She sees how it's lawless. There's no more cops bounties, bounty, hunters, and she becomes one hundred warrior, bounty hunter finds out Dr Dyson Ito's one. She finds out that her body or she came from Zalam, which is like the again coveted city, which has earned technology, which is the United Republic of Mars technology. And so she's like next gen technology. She has enough power to power the city for years just in her heart alone in her heart alone. She finds berserk battle suit, which is from the from the book that is pretty much her final form perfect form, which is pretty much the high the most highest trained assassin warrior fighter during the fall during the war and uses a fighting technique called Penzance, which was mentioned very quickly into being the book and later on finds out that people do do shitty things. And she breaks she you know, she has sad moments and boy. Friends people betray people. And and she and people killed people for not goddamn Emory's and pretty much the end leaving us with a battle-hardened a more mature adult alita about to get her way sent to Solomon to fight Nova who has been the presence like antagonise throughout the entire film. They're taking quite a big chance of assuming that there's going to be a sequel. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's fine with rob Rodriquez, directing the film Cincinnati to we didn't need this. We need the sequel, and hopefully, you get it. Yeah. Hopefully, it's not fifteen years later. It was city. So a little bit of the historical reverence of of the source material. The book has been I don't know it's been like widely awarded it's pretty much like I would say like ocu- in terms of groundbreaking. And it's it's the. Animation styles. Very nice and sweet, but pretty much it's a legend and people have been wanting to get this out of tation made for a long long time. I remember when I was like really young I'd see like pages of this on geo cities or GSA works out perfectly. Here's a quote on the back buys from James Cameron. That says a great kick ass story. Yeah. Yeah. Jane, and it plays produce it. Very shown in like where there's a lot of action know freak of the week and things happen there. But yeah, it kind toes the line between what goes and shell did. Where'd talks about humanity? And you know, was it mean to be human in cyber cyberpunk world. And then now to the production of the film. Yeah. So it's distributed by Twentieth Century Fox directed by Robert Rodriguez, who's best known from El mariachi from desktop, Don. The faculty spy kids, sin city and Metallica. James Cameron who one to aliens avatar, Titanic was Corey said it, of course, he did this movie or he has to make this a leader because oh that wasn't me. Lando one of the other producers was like, well, of course, we have to call it alita battling because Cameron only does ANT movies because the real of all of his movies that'll angel alita. Yeah. The real adaptation to American the name in Japanese complete different other producer, Jon Landau who did Honey from the kids, dick, Tracy, and then the rest of the James Cameron films. Deval Desi was the executive producer did pale writer unforgiven Lanta fired. Green mile book of Eli..

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