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That i remember thinking they will come year when suddenly the management doesn't mention meeting account to me and i thought that was funny in itself is never mentioned happened to the coming anyway paper we've got castro 'em when you open then you quality street tin for christmas did you ever do racy the first calendar all the second condo i did they clearly copying as any other photo like this james dean and then you end up looking like basil brush and they put me in jeans and a twinkie i was a twin you were i know still learning mccown not the reiter meeting these chocolate and i was in jeans that's it with a toothbrush with my mouth thing google with awful highlights to engrossed what year was that the one to incident two thousand three topless will young topless toothbrush i know how to such these two point oh yeah james franco shirtless count face no nothing i can i say topless people with two i in them out is the thing though it's just that kind of like every day oh it's just oh it's just me i could be a boyfriend just brushing my teeth the thing is i wasn't brushing my teeth i was landing there ever the toothbrush plunked into my mouth i wasn't even in a bathroom where we go pick a winner william do we pick a winner i like i like the that one that doesn't help for listeners.

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