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Once again, the sex Ed thing is wearing it. I am. Totally in favor of you, educating your child the way that you think is appropriate when it comes to reproduction when it comes to when it comes to the morality of relationships and the ethical moral and legal implications of participating in the creation of a human life. I am completely in favour of you talking with your kids about the transmission of diseases. And I submit for those of you who would like to talk about the importance of knowing who it is that you're going to have a good time with you have but to Google search Coachella herpes to have a cautionary tale that would definitely skeeve out any bright eyed and bushy tail early adolescent who's thinking that it might just be time to ignite that fire because apparently everybody Coachella has herpes, and it's spreading to the towns around, and it's disgusting and horrifying and they're running out of cold medication. If you got it. I'm sorry. I know it sucks, but it's a perfect cautionary tale. Here's an icky thing. That will make marks on your private bits that you will never ever get rid of at everybody who went to the stupid concert got it because they were acting like bunny rabbits. Kids from the real world man you live in the world. You gotta show him. How it works here. But there are a couple of groups who are currently in Sacramento jumping up and down and screaming because they're scared to death that somebody's going to tell their kids the gays exist. And I. If you've never been in a classroom. If you've never if somehow you've managed to entirely avoid the experience of the California Public school system. Look. I personally believe that teaching vocation and that the very best people who do that job. Do it for the love of teaching for the love of the subject for the love of seeing that that sparked that light go on to the students is there's also people who do it because you get summers off. And after you've done it long enough. It's really hard to fire. You. My experience as somebody who is full disclosure, everybody married to a schoolteacher is that the majority of people involved in that line of work fall into the category of vocation because if you don't like it, not even if you don't like it, if you don't love that work, you won't stick around because the pay is not amazing the hours are way longer than you think they're going to be you don't just show up to school five minutes beforehand rattle off what's been bouncing around in your head since you got your bachelor's, and then pack it up to fifty five. No, no, no. You got a great papers. You gotta prep tests. You got adult curriculum. You got meetings. You got parent teacher conferences. You got administrative stuff. You got clubs you got advisory board. I oh my God. It never ends. But that's there's heads in the teaching system. There's there's people who aren't doing a great job. Whether you have the bug and you love to teach and you are as passionate about it as the very best teachers or you are you are the Pitta me of the bad teacher trope. You don't care and you're just waiting for June tenth to roll around for the bell to ring. So you can get out of dodge. And enjoy not hearing the sound of little pitter-patter feet down the halls for three months. One thing that those people have in common is that they don't want to talk to other people's kids about sex. There are some there. There's some folks were very interested. In health is a subject who are very interested in talking about biology and the way that reproduction functions and how how you get into the genetic elements of various species, interactions and all of that. And they're fascinated by it most of the people teaching your kids do not want to have to get up in front of a classroom and say the word penis, they don't wanna get up in front of a classroom and talk about genitals. They don't wanna talk about hair. They don't wanna talk about body odor. They don't wanna talk about. Why it is that suddenly you need deodorant? And I don't blame them. And if you saw the look that Frank just gave me what I said, the P word, you know, that it made him uncomfortable when he's a grown, man. And that's a clinical word. So the idea that there is a conspiracy in primary and secondary education in the state of California to run around teaching kindergarteners graphic sexual practices. Is silly. Best and possibly insane. Are there people who have written curriculum? That is completely inappropriate for small children. Usually when you find curriculum. That's completely inappropriate for small children. It was meant for older children or even for adults because it turns out there are grown adults who don't understand how reproduction works who don't understand the opposite. Sexes anatomy, and maybe don't understand their own. But in the process of evaluating all of the available material inevitably somebody somewhere submits or suggests or simply leaves in the same room as the stuff that's actually being considered something. That's wildly inappropriate. But there are no teachers, especially at the grade school level that are excited about having to talk to little kids about this. Very sensitive subject the care. They want the kids to know. That's part of why they do the job. But there's the there's no conspiracy to introduce to first graders the other use for a dental dam..

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