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Not everybody can be a fighter you need an army you need people to play their positions. You know what I mean? So my support system is how I manage ING and getting through things, you know, I'm not just doing this by myself. Right. You know, I have a girlfriend who takes care of the decorating, and maybe they making the smell room. Nice smell and Jim. I just see what people's good qualities. Are. They wanna help. We're going to use you in. You know, the best way that you cannot know that you're not everybody's killer. Right. Everybody's a killer. People need to be here to clean the bodies of ball to fill. So I just you know, I have my social social media directors that helped me out there. Good friends, but they're helping me out in that department because that's what they're good at. Right. You know, I have a guy that helped me out with my website because that's what he's good at. You know, I have a, you know, everyone has an accountant. But sure know, if someone helping me out with my books, I'm not just doing it on my own. So if you go into business thinking that you know, it all that you can do it all yourself is going to be very hard long road. Yeah. No, you have to depend on your support system. That's great advice and following up with that to kind of piggyback on what you just said, what is your recommendation anyone trying to cheat their dream or start a business. Just wake up every day. And do something, you know, don't have to be everything in one day. Just do something. You know, it doesn't even have to be all of something just go into the positive direction. Because once you get that ball rolling heavy is not gonna stop right? You know? If I would have stopped earlier when I was like, oh, man, I'm trying to raise this money. And you know, what deal fell through if I would've to stop and not try the next day to do a little bit towards raising the money again. I would never guy here. Right. You know? So even if you don't get everything accomplished that you want to get accomplished one day just do something. I like it. I like it. All right, cool. So if anyone wants to reach out to you, how can they you know, social media handles or websites how home so we're on Facebook Witherspoon, boxing where on Instagram WS underscore box the same of Snapchat in Twitter, and I don't know our phone number off the top of my head. I don't know. My phone is Witherspoon boxing her. You can you can Google us. That's the best way to find us. That's where we get most of our business anyway. So okay. So so can you tell everyone what services you guys actually offer here? Yeah. So we we offer not just boxing, you know, or Moi type programs also pretty strong, which is essentially kick boxing with elbows and knees in it. My instructor Jordan Jones just came back from Thailand he had two fights over there. Nice. And he won them both him and his girlfriend both were over there for a year living just living alive..

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