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They're going to be best able to take advantage of those services. If we get into a whole critics of the arch say the shelter hasn't put enough focus on transitioning people away, nor has the focus been enough on providing case management. So now that the Austin city council is made up entirely of left-leaning council members from Austin conservative say they're a bit worried that they won't have any representation Austin's mayor Steve Adler doesn't buy it. He says very few of the issues the city actually deals with come with party lines at the city level. Most of what we do is just making the city work experiencing potholes and making sure traffic moves those are not artists in issues. Affordable housing. Not a partisan issue. Adler says a lot of different viewpoints still exist on city council and doesn't expect any significant change in how council acts or works with the new makeup. John Cooley, NewsRadio KLBJ, the Texas Department of transportation will vote on whether or not the central Texas regional mobility authority will be allowed to build new toll lanes on one eighty three north if this is approved CTR may will manage to told lanes in each direction between S H, forty five and mo- pack. The meantime, the mobility authority has a plan to help limit the number of cars on the road each day by allowing its own employees to work from home CTRM as Jeff Dailey says there twenty eight employees, Dr roughly two hundred thousand miles a year and a lot of that during morning and afternoon rush hour when implemented on a regional basis these strategies can reduce trips time to time travel from the peak period by ten percent or more in the regency tiara maize board of directors has given the green light for this telework plan. Daily says it should be implemented within the next few weeks. Right now, it's cloudy and forty eight degrees at Austin's airport. I'm patrick. Osborne. You can get Austin news on demand at newsradiokkob. It's the ultimate sleep.

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