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We are both in high school but she said I didn't say like Oh who's your teacher and yeah now I get that but I mean she had to. She had the nerve to ask if he can stay the night though. Roll number. Not No you cannot stay the night. I'm I'm you guys have already you know ruined my mattress and ruins the vibe of my my break and also I mean he cannot stay tonight but you tell your uncle about it. Oh man she was like so. My cousin is despite being ten years younger than me. She's six foot two and could like take somebody out so easily and she's like swear to God Utah. You tell my parents and I said I won't tell your parents but I'm telling grandma because grandma will will take her view and she's like you'll you can't. You can't tell anybody but yeah I I don't know if she's pregnant growing both of them under the bus though. That's for sure to her family. Oy But she'd be better off with the psycho. She brought originally to be honest but so here. Here's here's something interesting. Go ahead oh no just to say I thought for some reason this is going to be like family issues and and this was so much this is so much better. Well one it one thing about the story that you kind of mentioned in it and then it got me thinking because when you call this last time. I don't believe you ever mentioned anything about you had to do you kind of glossed over the fact that you are currently are dating somebody even though we had gone through the whole childless dating thing. Did we know this last time. Did you tell us last time. So now you have to update us on. WHO's guy that you're dating because that was your original call back in April or may you? You were what the facebook guy was the facebook guy. Yeah yeah he's a guy. I went to university with and he was paying attention to all. My child was dating Poche. We're seeing him I I didn't yeah. He's been down to visit me a couple of times and God bless him because he has a normal family and he's he's been around two very uncomfortable family situations with me now twice and this one. He's like this one takes the cake and he's like if we get married. I'm GonNa talk about this long or wedding. I'm like like no. You're you're not going to talk about me. Seeing this is fun. This is so he's like instant that year. Actually your phone cut out there. Would you say he seems serious about you he does. That's a little bit scary to me but you know I guess I'll get over. Well he mentioned he mentioned. If you guys get married you talk about it. After the wedding the best part would be if you do get married and your cousin brings your student as her date. That would be even better. My cousin brains. My students as her day. It's thing you better believe Brenda's it does GONNA be In an ankle holster underneath my dress. Because that's the name of your gun. Brenda Brenda Brenda's my gun. So I mean.

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