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I'm we it when you look at turlock triple cam in marry him over there how he talks about how he has to reach train people who are are seemingly well educate out there because we're missing something what's cut to the chase there there's a chip on the shoulder of some educators yeah i think kate doors and public education and it's not like you know why we had one of our radio contributors on yesterday who you very clear doesn't like the edible choice and all was that rough yeah i i rather not say oh don't one of our one of our state senators and my point it was i asked him during the at the big _o_c said anything to you're anyone else that he wants to dismantle public education no here's my point there are college folks out there in new hampshire you know elite type college hitter who were is that the success of the community college system but they want say it you know teaching trades h dc work auto mechanic were kyle right because eight big that's a good place form because that's not really education so we're we have a debate going on i thought talk with college educated right and administrator who look down it said of look up to the community college system is a wonderful see success benchmark that we've done paul hallway another people out there for tires sleek they get that camino i'm just face animal than another early just coming to college she's a wonderful president susan here yard she's wonderful anyway my point is hinch success their yeah but i grew up an environment north the boston but that happen to go to a school in came if you're began with eight shut you get was also a marine he was more proud of that by the way they go on a hard and but there something be said about but i grew up in an environment way back then where people would they were still buffer stickers back then and they will more proud to go to the club intel were giants who was he was getting into college sure then what we used to call salem state college which was a teaching college.

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