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So either way, I mean, it's kind of cool. It'll be historic. Uh, once again, Sam is Palestinian Merican be the first Muslim to lieutenant governor and Holla is part Lebanese Afro Latina and be the first non white woman as lieutenant governor. Either way. It would be very, very cool. In Virginia. All right now back at home. Also politico had a really cool story today. About New Mexico. The headline is simply don't know It's about New Mexico. The headline is simple as in why the GOP just got blown out in the congressional race. And whereas it goes in, and it talks about mark more and the fact that you know the state has been blue, and he didn't really have a chance from the get go because of what Brunel County Congressional District number one is it goes into the summer? It's interesting information if your political junkie um Either party about Kind of who the fingers being pointed at, and most of the fingers would be important at SD peers. But it also brings up the fact that the Republican Party New Mexico is kind of in this quandary. They're kind of in this. There's no win zone, and they haven't won. Except for Yvette Herrell. They've lost every single race. In New Mexico. Under Steve peers. But they're in this quandary and they're in the tough place. No wind zone. Because there are the The non Trumpers who have no power who have no voice. And then there's the pro Trumpers. Which is where Steve Peers falls. And they have no shot at winning. So, um, there are those and there are actually some wealthy Republicans who are not happy and they'd like to see peers out and they like to see Trump Not, you know, not being a factor in New Mexico Republican politics. But Lot of the money and Republican Party, of course, is in the southeastern part of the state, which is where pierces its oil money. Hobbs and Carlsbad and Cartesian Lovington. And its oil money. You know you have Claire Chase, who ran lost Yvette Herrell for that congressional district number two seed. That's oil money. That's the Mac family Mac energy. And she ran against the event. Harold as who is going to out Trump, who Who was going to show the biggest Gun on their political commercial. Anyway. It's a good story politico today why the GOP just got blown out in a congressional race, and most Republicans say it's t pierces fall. All right, come back and we'll talk about New Mexico. We'll talk about the Re districting Commission..

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