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Was and what a presence he hadn't a game is the only person that mr hubbard even knew people chasing but I always remember that stereotype. I hadn't thought of that surgery longtime until we just want this conversation. A great story i i. Also i'm sure these conversations we'll see what graham graham was around for her flatter and i'm anxious to hear from you know the training side and the kinds of things that That graham picked up from the from the you think about when you look at any of the horses And some of the writers that are tied to and you know some of the most successful opportunities that they had in their careers. And i think daniel hodson certainly and Sure if you went through. Can i'm sure if you went through the the litany and you'd pick out you know certain eras and jump. Jocks have windows of opportunity in until they either until they either get either too big or or they fall one too many times and say that's enough You know Life miller right play blyth miller road. Plenty maria absolutely form lights or thought road lonesome groves stamos. But yeah she definitely wrote for shepherd. Van johansen you're right. I mean there were several jockeys that came through stable john. Cushman was champion jerry. Fischbach of course road for them So you know he. He was good with the jockeys. He was You know he trained trainers ended. Elliot all janet. Janet elliott came up in the shepherd. Sable of course. Grandma's motion make sure yes grand motion about lateran weight. He carries because some of the.

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