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I cannot say that the weekly i pale hotseat alex perry all over a teaser ipo reporter keeper at the weekly ipo hot sheet here at bloomberg news in our bloomberg 1130 sti actually feel like we should say some reserve vacations over 'cause they're stuff happening exactly and i thought september means the end of summer but obviously not every imahashi 'cause we i told ever in how i felt like this past week i was that persons stranded on the island in a movie you know and the plane flies over and you have this rush of relieve and excitement that's how i felt that finally got busy after we've talked for so many monday they're here they're back on the end it for me it was a mix of of scoops of breaking news that we had last week and a slew of listings coming this week and next week and i'll start with the scoops because those get me excited i'm one of the most notable ones is probably a potential spin out of 18 tease latin american ptb asset so that the backdrop here's from ever at t has agreed to by time warner in this massive make a deal and so they are evaluating their portfolio and figuring out what they want to kind of eggs that they have started talking advisors about a possible ipo of this business which could be a have a market value of as much as ten billion so not small sell at that cash would go back to eighteen t f a listing were to be the outcome four that business is i i mean a hot offering do people are they excited about this there have been some latin american telco deals in the past i'm thinking a couple of years ago right now they're looking for areas with growth it's a market that there is growth in as those countries continue to develop that's an opportunity for some of these pay tv and infrastructure internet infrastructure provider influential audience exams in a recent round of elections exactly definitely an influential audience said that will be a deal i i will be tracking our sources tell us that is early days and they're still trying to figure out what that business have looked like the direct tv latte and businesses in there so that is why i'm paying attention taylor and keeping.

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