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Of many places, including the university of Georgia, coached on and it's great to have you back on the program. We saw you a couple weeks ago. We are in Athens and how are you? In person, one time, Paul, we had a good time and I'm doing great. Just enjoying this Georgia team and enjoying the fact that they're really playing well. Let me start with the quarterback position. And I think some people don't realize what a good quarterback you were. I think you were the MVP and the ACC couple years ago. Yeah, I was a long time ago, but certainly that's the one thing that everybody, I mean, you can walk into any place in town that people recognize you, and they're going to ask you about are we playing the right quarterback or all that? Whoever Kirby's playing, that's who I like. I think both these guys really bring a lot to the table and you got to give a lot of credit when JT went down. He was ready and he took the bull by the horns. And I saw today, Paul, we're stetson Bennett, is the leading quarterback in the country on average running and passing what I mean is when he runs the ball or and passes the ball. He has a better average than any quarterback in the country. So that's pretty impressive. Let's talk about maybe it will be necessary this week. Maybe you won't. Tennessee is explosive, but let me skip ahead of this week because this is a game that some Georgia fans are a little uncomfortable about because of what hindon hooker has done and what the Tennessee offense has been able to do under Josh hypo. Yes. The first thing I want to do is make sure that I just have a lot of credit. I mean, I've known him since he was a quarterback in Oklahoma. And he did a really good job coaching at Oklahoma and kind of things went south a little bit. And they brought in Lincoln Riley, but he's really done well with his career. He moved on to Utah state and then did a good job at the Missouri and then Central Florida, but he inherited the situation where a lot of these kids are transferred and he just didn't have a very big squad and he brought in a couple of guys like hooker and some other guys and really got a good coach and staff and that's just been remarkable. The job they've done and, as you said, they're very explosive and they can make things happen. And they're running that art browse up and it's where it spreads out the receivers almost line up out of bounds. So it's going to be a different type of ball game for Georgia to the fan than what they've seen. And it's always different for everybody, but kudos to Josh hyper and his staff, but you want me to break the game down. I'll just tell you because I bring this up coach because we look at we look at Georgia's defense and we think man, they're the best we've ever seen. But I know you, you look at things analytically. You just don't look at the stats. So as you see this offense of Tennessee versus Georgia defense give us give us the coaches breakdown well, the first thing you got to do defensively is getting lined up. They run such a rapid plays and they got quick calls and their kids know how to get lined up and run plays extremely fast. I mean, less than 12 seconds. They're already snapping the next ball. So you got to kind of like coaching against the wishbone and practice from the standpoint. You got to teach your scalp team kind of get lined up and execute. So you can get a feel for it when you get into the state, but certainly you're not going to do it like hypo and his team does. And I think that hurt them early in the year. They Tennessee we're stopping themselves because some of their players didn't get lined up right and they were making penalties on themselves, but recently, you look at them against Alabama and then last week against Kentucky, wow. I mean, it was awesome. So that's one thing you got to do is get lined up and then you've got to have a good pressure package, which we have. I mean, you got to get after hooker. He got sacked 5 times last week, but he's so elusive and can run. He can really keep the sticks moving when they're not making big play. So you've got to stop him from that. But the real recipe, I think, is keeping them off the field. I mean, their defense is good. They got big Gaza upfront. They twist around and move on a Rodney Garner guy to coach for me does terrific job get those guys in and out of the game? They play about ten guys on the front. So I would say get your team lined up, put pressure on the quarterback and play deep enough that you don't give up those easy plays. That's one thing Kirby has done this year. A lot more zone for Georgia than you've ever seen because we've got some new guys back there. And then the other thing would be offensively just when you get the ball in score position, get some points and get up on these guys and make them play from behind. Talking to coach Jim donnan and coach there's so many things happening in the SEC that I would be remiss if I didn't ask you about a few of them. Let's start at the university of Florida from your seat, and you watch games, you break them down. What is going on there? You know, I hate that for, I mean, from a coach's perspective, you always say, when gossip is a job, I mean, there's families involved and, you know, it's just a tough situation. I don't know enough about what's going on to really be giving the right info. I would guess coach spur you're probably could talk about them like I do against about Georgia, but I do feel like once that LSU game happened, things just didn't look good for that Florida program. And then they kind of self destructed against us. And then last week, just really couldn't do anything against South Carolina. Big win for South Carolina, but you know, that's the team that had 11 yards and three quarters against Texas a and M, I mean, and then all of a sudden they ran up down the field like they had both Jackson the other night against Florida. So I think he had to make some changes. He's probably thinking about it and at this point, I really feel like that one thing that he did will help him I believe is he got a veteran coach there and Paul Pascal only who's coach a lot of football. He actually was his coach when he was a GA at Syracuse coach Mullen was. So I think Paul give him some steady advice there and then Christian Robinson is an excellent young coach or terrific recruiter, probably has good rapport with the kids and they'll really respond to him. But it's definitely a situation that worries you when a team like Florida who last year was planned for the NCC championship is now has 5 losses on the season. And then four last year, coach Jim, Donna with his coach. Let me ask you about Alabama for a second. At ozer on double down on his comments after the game, he said, I feel like we were a better team than Alabama. Some would dispute that. But where is this Alabama team in your mind right now? Well, you get your honor and his team and his staff, a lot of credit, they were a wounded team. They went in there and took a lot of chances. They did a good job, you know, fake punt, the Alabama center got hurt and they really were kind of discombobulated on the running and passing game and lucky to get out with a win because all of us know LSU's down there on the 7 yard line with a chance to go ahead. But as far as Alabama, I mean, I'm not going to share any tears for him now because I know what you're all capable of, and I think a team that really has you can't just be a dominant team every year. I mean, to lose all the players they lost on offense and have some of the injuries they had on defense. I mean, you know, that's just the way it goes, but they're going to fight off here in the next couple of weeks too because they got to play the iron bowl and just like we lose Saturday every game SEC's cop, man every week. You got it seems like you finished one and then the expectation like when I was coaching in Oklahoma, I mean, you got to win every game. I mean, if you don't win every game, you're a failure. So that's just the standard at Nick is set up, but I will say this. If you look around the country and you look at the teams in the top ten of that poll, we had last night..

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