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May be you'll get into that when we turned a corner i'm gonna go and take this break early so i get him in here get him settled if you are in the mood four summit trophy trout fishing if you're thinking about this be in the year that you get yourself your first ever thirty in shrout you may or may not get it but you're odds your way better if you go down to baffin bay and your odds or better still if you go to baffin bay rod and gun club trophy trout water that's what it is bar none who nice yeah there's a picture i'll get to that in a minute they've got that nice new lodge down there they've got great guides great people great food great everything just a good fun place to be baffin bay rod and gun club is the only texas hunting operation fishing operation that is orbis endorsed for both for both flyfishing and wing shooting the only one of its kind in texas that's the standards that sally ann arbor black put in place the standards a met time after time when the orbits people kept coming down or to make sure that they merited that recognition and they do they earned it over a year and a half a proving to to the orbits people that this is the lodge that deserve both never before dawn in texas wing shooting and fly fishing baffin bay rod and gun club and thirty inch trout are about to kick off like they never kicked on this is going to be a good year for big drought used coupon code doug it's not my idea it's there there's not a vanity move on my part they just told me to do this and everybody in your party once you book and get down there and.

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