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The addition anywhere said i don't have experience instead said of course you do and that was my first grade new york lesson lie oh god and she did get the job and the pictures of models jumping in fashion editorials she started that it was her first big shoe with famed photographer richard avedon early psalm john bob in their hair go up and everything's were not going while i was trying to be vereshaka is the one who we you know the 50s your and that was terrible when in the hopes of finding something they're inspire richard avedon asked her about her childhood and she said she used to love jumping over snakes and he told the judge leap in trump in the photo and the rest was history that started the run and jump pictures because they couldn't model and that's really funny and the first guy john i know the first time you know which the first cover was for her the first time that she really felt like a supermodel she nabbed the cover of the newly born people magazine may 19th 75 real it in the headline was she's got it all and that's when i first felt like a supermodel wow and she was the first model to get a beauty contract it was all her idea until then modeling you were paid by the hour great but at news new she was a hot commodity tweed croat vershbow was doing something else gene shrimp term was acting ever own of quit i was the only one left and she got a glimpse of a new york times article about a man got a million dollar contract for his own job inch that how can i do that and he the richard avedon said pitch something new revlon in 1973 at age thirty one she signed the first ever modelling contract with revlon for four hundred thousand and she stayed for ten years she was the face of revlon forever did she ever bury your hand will answer there's he because i'm looking at all these pictures of her she's fuse if you guys look arap lauren hutton she's just she was everything growing up oh abc news everywhere absolutely she was really really.

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