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Power here fired a fiveunder levesque juice jazz team on the scene of a tractor trailer chemical fire dravid on the northbound side of report i defy affect former president donald trump campaign manager paul manafort business associate rick gates pleaded not guilty twelve federal counts including conspiracy against the united states and money laundering robert menendez will not have his case thrown out accord correspondent steve kastenbaum reports a federal judge in new jersey has denied the senators motion for a mistrial the judge newark denied the motion saying he absolutely did not interfere with the defense's presentation of evidence the judge said the defense wants to spend morning noon and night discussing the contracts in each case with regard to a security contract and a port in the dominican republic menendez is charged with helping his codefendant of florida eye doctor with the dominican port security dispute and securing visas for his foreign girlfriends in exchange for paid four luxury vacations and campaign contributions menendez claims they were just good friends i am steve cast in bow after gary sinise has been named the grand marshal for the one hundred twenty ninth tournament of roses parade correspondent jim rupe reports on the parade and the role sle lease played calling attention to the struggles of disabled veterans with the theme making a difference sinise was applauded for making a difference in the lives of veterans across the country in his work to bring attention to the struggles of disabled veterans and their families they continue to struggle lincoln's tinubu to sacrifice for as it was his role as wounded vietnam veteran lieutenant dan in the 1994 film forrest gump that propelled sinise and his lieutenant dan ban into advocating for veterans rights correspondent jim rupe in los angeles kevin spacey statement of regret after being accused of trying to seduce former child actor anthony rap has kicked up a backlash the twotime oscar winner apologized for the thirty one year old assault at a party in new york but then chose to come out of the closet prompting many to question the timing and accusing the actor of trying to change the subject of gay rights activists say spacey also seems to make a connection between being gay and sexual abuse of.

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