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The biggest thing that I'm excited about is. Obviously for me like when when we started I interacting on social it was like, right? Like to me, this is so unbelievable. I'm curious about the entrepreneurial aspect of you guys. Like at first it was like holy shit. So cool. Anybody like my age is like you guys are so conic legendary what's really interesting as we keep interacting and just watching is how much entrepreneurial DNA is in in you guys. And and so like, I guess for me mainly because I definitely want to put everybody who fucks with me on. What are you guys? What do you guys give fuck about right now? Well, you know, actually real quick just for the eighteen year old. That's not educated enough to really know. Can you guys go round? And actually before we go into anything who you are actually the origin story of when the most iconic. I am be real. I'm Eric Bobo. And I'm sitting dog, and we're cypress hill. You know, we started making our rooms in nineteen ninety one with rough house records through Sony Music and we've had a storied career if twenty-seven years of it. You know, we did a lot of out of the box things in terms of our music and sound to ninety one. When did you guys meet sending? I'd I've known since it sounds maybe thirteen fourteen years that puts around somewhere like nine hundred eighty six when we met he was eighty eighty three eighty two I think now it'll be younger. So he was hanging around with my brother break dancing. Yeah. And I had like this little little aspirations of being a rapper me. And my brother, you know, one day told me there's a guy in the break dancing. Could you know rep really good and we should bring him in our crew. So it ended up being him. So we actually auditioned in front of my mother's house. That's how sassy where it's. Started rather than he referred but three or four minutes and after like the first thirty seconds hours like he's in. But I just let them go on that quick that quick. As we became like a three man crew yet. And then he eventually guys just started doing their own solo deals immune be were like the last two left. Okay. About five or six entertainers that would eventually get contracts and stuff on our block in our little crew that we have met him with the last two and mugs was a producing somebody back east and kept sending me cassettes in the mail. You know with music on it. So I would have to go and get him because he was caught up in doing the gang life thing. And I will try to go. Hey, come on come over here. We could you know, right to these tracks or whatever. And he's like man, I I can't leave. We're in the middle of a war. So it must be back to LA. We both went over there and got him. And I think after the second time we he agreed to come to the apartment in Hollywood that mugs set up to a record one song. And we were going to bring them back to that night. And he never went back. He just stood in the studio apartment there, and we just recorded recording recorded, but our group we started at actually one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when heat ninety cited, you know, we're going call this cypress hill, which was the block that I lived on in south game was called cypress avenue. But somehow we put the hill on there's a story behind that too. But yeah, we we we decided, okay. We're going to do it. We're going to go for this is the name of our group. And so it was just me and him. I love that..

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