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It's a great place. My Favorite Ellen page movie is hard candy. Really my favorites Juno by the watched her candy so although I'd get hurt Kinda vie for equal. Equal staging. Hard candy was just a mind trip and not like in a Hollywood way of like inception. It. It was so good. It is it definitely is? Not There's a couple of scenes that are not for the faint of heart. Yeah. She basically lures a pedophile into. Like she traps him and yeah. And she was really young when she made that film right she was she was. I can't remember how was, but it's. It's one of her first major films. So Shasha came out naty and she actually started out when she was twelve. No ten acting in a Canadian series called pit pony. Right it was originally a TV movie, and then it became a series. an elect its Canadian, so I've never seen it because they don't have the equivalent of red box. I have for some reason I have heard of trailer park boys though and she was in that series also and I don't know why. I have heard of that. Maybe it was on like some sort of like nick at night or something like that But that was familiar to me. So, yeah, hard candy came out in two thousand and five right before that she did as TV series called re-genesis. and. That did not look interesting at all. Met only got one season, but shortly after a hard candy came out, she played kitty. PRYDE IN X. men last stand so i. think that was who where she kinda got her major Hollywood break, but I think Sh- I think Juneau did so well with audiences that that was her her major breakout role. Very I I remember her from although a Kitty pryde was one of my favorite when I read the comic book so I definitely remembered that she had played Kitty Pryde, but she really sticks out in my brain versus Juno..

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