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Terms of passing. He is a tremendous pass say one of my favorite LeBron James moments. And it's funny because it ties into the angry AUSSIE coincidence. Probably not. But I was watching this on YouTube, and I just dialed up maybe my favorite search of all time a couple of days ago. Andrew bogut hard fouls. Yeah. Dahlen enjoy enjoy. But there's one where he fouls abroad, pretty hard kind gives them a little shove. Lebron adds a pre traumatic flop to the shove. And then he falls down hits his head on the camera. And he just stays down, dude. Like he's been shot. Like, he's all rolling around all my God. But that whole sequence that's one of my favorite LeBron moment. That is pretty well. Guess what you may get one. Whereas Lakers they done. I think so. No, no, no. I think we know. Yes. They are. Yeah. Hey, buddy. Joe for your head since Murph lex LeBron today, and I don't say this to do you notice? Also in that same clip when you watch that you ever notice how none of his teammates come over to help. I'm just just keep that much. Let the emotions get the best of me and pretty much played the last two games with a broken hand. So. Great. My favorite tell you this. But did the last couple of shows with a a strained oblique? I wasn't going to mention that what I've been dealing. Yes. Speaking of oblique Pablo Sandoval has. He hit a Homer, you Pablo walkabout I won't Pablo when my world again, Murph. I do like you with who is it. Oh such Josh. Yeah. You can't live without him over, bro. I know. For a quick shot at says rejoin with grandmaster flash in the jungle their loved that. I was lucky enough to see Hamilton here at San Francisco. I got gotta always tip by cap. There's a little moment where Lin Manuel Miranda drops a little sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under in the middle of one of the rap battles with Hamilton. And I'm in the crowd going. Yes. Because I'm a big disciple of the grandmaster flash era, which is all school kids old school doubt back when there was a positive message for the kids as opposed to nonsense. They're spewing out there now out like a light slept through the flight, all the other stuff. So anyway, back to the the matter at hand. Sure. And that is I missed this yesterday. But I want to hear it. If I missed it. I imagine one of our listeners did to Charles Barkley and we were talking about yesterday. We went through the whole autopsy of the warriors and Durant and the White Sox had, and why is he knocking Kerr? And all that heard Tolbert say in his say, he said, yeah, he was just being a D. Although he said the word which you have on your do. I like to I like. Speak only do for me. It's just so wrong. It's so strong. Why listen to me do it when you can hear it from the best Sean Penn Tober was saying he goes for Durant. He was just being a d. Okay. All right. There you go. Right. But anyway, we talked about how it was. Maybe this generation is different in this age of anxiety. That Adam silver said that social media has made these kids in their twenties unhappy unhappy, what is happiness polymath. Ponder that in my yard. When I moved to Mendocino, dude, you might find it there. I think it's waiting for me inside the irt, so yours you got. I did I tell you. I told the story about my high school movie theater manager who came out and this guy, Mr Monti and the kid who said he was going to drive the cut I told that story in the Murph, okay based on your description like my every time you talk about this guy. I see sergeant Carter from Gomer Pyle is more like it's more like Bing Crosby looking. But sergeant Carter attitude. Yeah. Mr. Jeremiah's ever rest in peace. Mr Monti was my high school theater. I worked at the movie theater in town. Yeah. Yeah. We're the polyester blazer flipped up there to your left. Upstairs to your left. Shoutout ratner. Marc Ratner another great theater employees. It wasn't a multiplex. What was awesome was? We sold those tickets for like, the seven o'clock show and then chilled for two hours. Did you talk to your co worker and say, I hate working here. All the actions across the street by Sweetwater. Yeah. Pretty much, but I was inside mill valley riffing, I'll tell you. What though I was like Radnor having crushes on girls and not acting. That's my dead. Instead now go very weapon through the pages. There I told you guys I had a guy. I think I told the story on the air the guy who was one of the guys who had graduated from high school's name was John, but he stayed in town was continued to work at the theater when everybody else went off to college. Mr Monti would Santoro during the break for this pipe in his like checked blazer? He was a Canadian Royal Air Force World War, Two federal, wow. Vet, but he would smoke a pipe and come out and just roast us mercilessly. I told you remember fewer the horse bit me. Yeah. This is all stuff. We did on the air. I haven't heard it. Oh, he used to say, why don't you feel where the horse bit me? Boy, your new employees feel he'd reach out grab your testicles. And twist. Oh, wow. I mean, that's that's you know, borderline, you know. Now, I wouldn't recommend you do that. Now or anytime for that matter feel with a horse spit me, boy, that's one older man told him he had a comedy to the highest order a pipe in his mouth while he's doing. Get the visual of all one time he came out. And he said no cove, I wasn't there. Everybody. Boy, he's a John. Boy, what are you still doing here while everybody else's off getting a college education is smoking question Johnson, Mr Monti even thinking about that? And he said I'm thinking about actually saving some money from the theater and taking my car driving across the country to find myself. Nice Mr. money takes a spoke, find yourself boy, look on your driver's license. You're right there. And I was like just brilliant. You know, what I mean just that generation not having it? They're just not having any find yourself. Go blank yourself really work make some money go to college. It's not. So anyway, that leads up to this age of anxiety thing, Mr Monti all over again, Charles Barkley's, like Mr Monti saying find yourself, you're right there on your driver's license move on. So here's Barkley saying that kyri in the rest of this crew is just way too sensitive, coury Irving. I don't know him that way like a good kid, but I've never seen a person so notable to have so much success to have the world in apartment hand. He's gotta make forty fifty million dollars a year for the next ten fifteen years. He's already won a world championship movies. But he's got to be one of the most miserable people I've ever seen. It's been Mr Monti coming before the season. He's like that. Because Cari, wasn't like that before me and we both liked him. And then he. In Cleveland because he wasn't LeBron. Right. Well, he was such a. Still he's a baller. He's incredible to watch I ate like very few. I mean when he goes to the rim. He makes a lot of seemingly impossible shots when he's going up. You're like can't making that. Oh that went like he does that a great player. But yeah, now he's so outward now with it's a lot of this public apology to LeBron. It's just like he's like paving the way for his next move. And I think a lot of people are upset about that. Because they're like, hey, you're focusing on the next step instead of games on the schedule right now that they need to win. So well, I think most people would agree they should be higher than a four or five seed in the east a lot of people thought and still maintain when they play together they should be the number one seat. Yeah. He went on to say to he had more said these guys are making twenty thirty forty million dollars a year. I think that's probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard Adam silver say he said. Listen, he's a great guy. But that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard a Commissioner say these guys are making twenty thirty forty million dollars a year. They work six seven months a year. We stay at the best hotels in the world. They ain't got no problems. That's totally bogus. A person. So yeah, I amid seriously. So anyway, just letting go there, but then you know, what the kids would say that Barclays, you know, he doesn't feel it. He's insensitive the whole deal. Chanting. Good. Low base the low week, Hugh. Distortion.

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