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To maybe allocate some your money to first but a plan together right and then you know see what investments will fit into that plan in an whoever you're working with whether it's also somebody else what i always want to stress as you want to agree with that advisers awful asif a you know summon some advisers are more aggressive hey we wanna do all the news you will stock summit rise as a more conservative you know and you want to make sure you understand how that adviser is being compensated is a commissions is it is it a feebased are they are fiduciary are they not if i do sherri how are they going to help you going forward it was just a commission based sale and there's no will obligation to manage the counts going forward or is it a feebased and they're actually going to be working for you in its no right or wrong it's just what fits for you right we always say because when people coming to see us at our office johnny you know we take the time we do the whole financial so to speak aspect of things and understanding what they're trying to accomplish and paul and i we do take the time we'd to put together a financial analysis and we put together some of the things we do and accumulation study and every time and study and we do all that first about before anyone becomes our client you know we might have two or three meanings in in those meetings were going over everything but you know they would understand exactly what investments they would have and what they could expect to us from us as being there investment advisory advisor and the a and it's not a transaction it's an ongoing thing where we are going to actively manage their account as time is going on so so long term relationship we want to be obviously for many years so when you get away from the transaction aspect of it which investors are feeling like they go to see some you know so call planner and it's perfectly fine they may be offering some type of financial product and.

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