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And mortgage confidently wow gets worse he gets worse it gets worse the set be i probe teak into the nc aa corruption identify possible violations by some of the boast transcendent programmes transcendent figures the names this is via wolf your but that where do you want to start with this i mean i start with the kids who is a thing with a lot of these um kids who are taking money it is it so obviously when you're a we are going to be a oneanddone kid and this is this is mostly basketball they were talking about even i'm sure things like this happen in football because i i just know from experience after your eligibility is over you can do whatever you'd need to do to get alone and to prepare yourself for your professional career in you know take advice even meals money accenture from agents because what me and rhonda did as soon as our eligibility was over we contracted with a an agent we are financial advisor set up a line of credit and we were able to do things travel we had a good arizona we got a car with all these things get ready for the for the week in the draft which was a couple of months away but it was after eligibility was expire and so when i look at these kids especially in basketball were lauda these these these fresh where they're going to be oneanddone they're getting ill advised because all they have to do if they if there that desperate for money is wait nine months eight or nine months whatever it may be go through your one season that you're going to be on on on campus namibia go to class half never do and you know this as well as i did on sale right and as soon as the season is over you know wherever it is in in late march whenever it may be eaten go sign a line of credit get money given an open we have to pay it back vienna plan of that age and are not whatever it may be just white why you that desperate that desperate for a couple of thousand of dollars because it's not i mean the one brian bowen who we heard from louisville mean that was a big number whom that was one hundred thousand dollars but the.

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