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Welcome to the podcast today we start off with the big accusation against. The media's Darlings Ronan Farrow. was He lying about some of the stuff going on in his book about the accusations against Matt Lauer and others. We journalism does not look too promising here and we go into that with John Ziegler Jason Previews Tonight's TV show where we're talking about Biden and Ukraine and the latest audiotape that you have to hear of Biden going through a lot of the stuff that we've been talking about for a long time. In Ukraine, we have an organ salon owner. Find Fourteen thousand dollars for staying open. Despite the stay at home, orders talked to her. More economists worked with trump on his economic plans. He has a new movement. He's starting here to try to get the economy going again and a new development with a parallel universe that you. Know big deal just to throw in story towards the end of the show. We'll get into that as well. Make sure to go to blaze. TV DOT COM Slash Glenn use the Promo Code Glenn. At ten bucks off subscription to blaze TV can get Glenn's show tonight. also stew. Does America every night at eight PM Eastern by the way you can also get those shows on youtube tonight there toback go to youtube search for stoop and I'll be the first one there for my show and watch. Glenn Show live on Youtube as well tonight and subscribe to the podcast. He's the things we asked you to do. Because you know, make us feel better about ourselves. Here's the podcast. You're. Listening to. Now I have a man named John Ziegler on with this to speak to us about what's happening in the media and Ronan Farrow, and we take you to row and Ferro and the media via Matt Lauer. John.

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