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What's that? You want Demps in charge? It's what you get is that black lives matter doing that That's BLM and antifa in Minneapolis pulled it off Twitter earlier. That's on Twitter. And that's OK. That is right that that they don't they don't get rid of that, right. That's disgusting. That is absolutely disgusting. That gets blacked out. Just like 20 Belinsky. Ah and you by the way again. That's the BLM does, And that's what Regina Romero's. Why gotta recall its or Regina Romero supported paid for that banner to be hung and the maid hung and then pay and okay and paid for? The black lives matter. Mural Toby on stone downtown, which has since by have been repaved over by the way, but she wanted to there. Holy smokes, That's sick. It's sick. This is a longer sound bite from 20 Belinsky. But You need to hear it. It's number 26 Ryan. It's longer, but you need to listen to we might stop it for stuff. Prepare yourself, But he talks about how the Bidens have been involved with China and Russia and an energy deal. Listen to this. Here we go. But also in July 2017 something that happened is over July 4th weekend While we were celebrating our Independence Day president she was in Moscow meeting Vladimir Putin on an official visit. And in that meeting, and in that, you know, multiple days, directors saying was in Moscow. It's participating in that and Rosneft or media in Russia had leaked to the press. That they were entertaining selling 14% of Rosneft, which is the state owned US sanctioned energy company of Russia to CFC. When I saw that leads the Chinese company. Imagine Biden once again the clearance, I held the military background sort of pushed away from the table like, Whoa, Ah, that's this's stair stepping things at a level that do I even want to be associated with or do I even want to be near. Shortly After that information got out I was told that Director Zings Visa. Was denied. He could no longer get back into the U. S for meetings or to bring his wife and his kids to go to school in New York and that it was denied multiple times combined. Confirms that in text, James Gil, you reference, is it Kevin Dong win win. Who's the individual That's referenced in Senator Johnson Senate report He went by Kevin. His legal name Is Dong a dog when Gong Story And so I was sort of walking on eggshells. You know what's going on? You're saying this money is going to be funded? It hasn't come in yet Sort of near the end of my rope here and then in September easily validated. It's officially announced that CFC is Is buying 14% of Rosneft once again, the state owned energy company, and so at that point, I just sort of push away from the table. The money hadn't been funded in tow and assign a hawk and I was having daily James Gillies. Yeah. So? So they were supposed to the CFC that Chinese Ah, they basically the capitalist arm of the communist Chinese government. You're supposed to put $10 million into that Cinna hawk where Mr Jablonski was a CEO. And he was recruited to be that by Hunter Biden and Jim Biden. They never funded it. They said they were going, Tio. And five going. We're supposed to go straight to Hunter, by the way. Go, so this didn't happen. But I see that they're buying their spending $9 billion instead of my measly 10 million, spending nine billion to buy a 14% stake in a Russian energy company, state owned company and again So one of the Bidens doing in the middle of this entire situation. What? What is going on here? Let's continue. Here we go. And so at that point, I just sort of pushed away from the table. The money hadn't been funded in tow and assign a hawk and I was having daily discussions with James Gillies. You know what's going on here? You know the by name? Russia. China. Do you know I don't want to be anywhere near this. I gotto understand all the moving pieces. And so we went into the fall of 2017 very well documented when Patrick Oh, who's an employee or an associate of CFC landed in New York he was detained by the US government trickle in jail for corruption, apparently for leaving is Akash to two African presidents. And it started this downhill spiral of CSC is a company Remember President she was traveling around the world under the one belt One road that was their political approach, and CFC was the capitalistic side of the Chinese government doing things that they could do on the capitalist side that the government couldn't get done. Very well documented the work that LCS he did in the Middle East in Czechoslovakia and Romania, Kazakhstan in Georgia all over the world. All over the world. And by the way, the national pulse as the story there's a guy I used to work for Breitbart our international pulse. And his name is Rahim Kasan. We actually ran into him. Ryan in in in D. C. We went away. A fundraiser. Um, he was outside smoking a cigarette hanging out having a good time. So anyway, this regime Kasan this morning on Twitter. Puts out an email. Ah Hunter bite and email. Revealing the wiring instructions for that, Patrick Ho. You just heard who was the spy chief of China? It's says Jim Biden wiring instructions too. Kevin Dong. You just heard his name. Robert Hunter. Biden is well and it says Jim wrote to all these guys. The wiring instructions for Dr Patrick Hose representation funds are as follows. And it's the account number the routing number. The bank address the beneficiary bank, Wells Fargo. And this is memo line for the purpose of a Dr Patrick hoping representation. I mean, it's all there. We're in the middle of all this..

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