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Be very warm, very humid with sunshine and some clouds high today eighty-five Florence is causing problems in Virginia. Now the latest on that ahead. WWE news time seven fifteen to the sports desk. Two right now. Jeff lesson sports is sponsored by human Chrysler Dodge Jeep ram walled. Lake. Good morning. Jeff. Eight. A good night for the Tigers. And not a good night again for starting pitcher and losing pitcher, Jordan Zimmermann Alaska three and two thirds last night, a commerical par giving a five runs all of them are as a Tigers fall to the twin six to one nNcholas casinos had three hits. And a walk is far Zimmerman is concerned. It's always wanting a seems to get him down. Like a pitch. Well, and it's always one anything that comes comes back. And Hans me, you know, there's always one give up four or five rounded, SAM's. I mean, you know, if I can eliminate that and pitching a lot deeper into ball games. But just one inning or. Tonight. It started out with a, you know, a double on align. Dan, you know, are still looking I I one of the area takes them on for the Tigers against the twins seven ten the first pitch and ninety seven hundred to take it from Comerica park. Meanwhile Tigers starter Michael former now likely out for the season he is torn meniscus in his right knee. That's not good. The Detroit Lions. No, that's not good either. They'll host of one and one patriots to make that Sunday night at Ford field. The patriots in the week after a double digit loss are seventeen and one. So they did lose by eleven points. So good luck lines fans Sunday night at Ford field. New England is also traded for problematic wide receiver. Josh Gordon of Cleveland, they sent a fifth round draft pick. He did supposedly of hamstring injury. That kept him out this past weekend. And miraculously he's gonna play supposedly this Sunday against the lines. Go figure sporting news says the Owen tour Detroit Lions have zero chance to make the playoffs. Despite the fact that Owen two teams that made the playoffs about. Eleven percent of the time..

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