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Dot com, Lowe's and The Home Depot are trademarks of their respective companies. One 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Mary de pompa in the traffic center. All right, Mark, we're going straight back to the Baltimore Washington Parkway two accidents back to back happen between jessup and Annapolis junction, passing one 75, seeing in her camera, we do not see the crash. We see traffic creeping. That means something getting by, follow police direction, at least a single lane. Now, past this crash pass route 32, the second accident this Nox is a filter, but police were still marked on the scene. The inner loop of the beltway slowing through belch filled a pass route one, we may have a mobile crew on their way through greenbelt to lanham, so watch for those flashing lights ahead. The big story on the beltway, the work that's happening on the Virginia side of the American legion bridge, both directions are jammed the outer loop comes off of the spur and the big curve to go over the American legion bridge where you had two accidents within the work zone, those of both cleared, but both sides of the beltway to get before and after Georgetown pike exit 44 the right lane will continue to be blocked. 95 in Virginia is still slowing through spottsylvania from about route one across the rappahannock to accents, actually three in a row from rush hour on. They have all cleared delays remain three 95 going north, passing edsel road, the work zone blocks the right side. 50 the John Hanson highway, we got relief coming inbound at the ramp that goes south on two 95. They were able to clear the tractor trailer that was stuck on the ramp, but if you go south two 95 passing eastern avenue, south two 95 passing Pennsylvania avenue, gold locations stay left. There's a work zones. Harry to Ashley for the biggest Memorial Day sales event going on right now, savings of 25%

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