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Painful experience his last year where she's. Finding the silver lining of like you know having like really precious time with her dying father but also she feels like, yeah, lost ten and like I moved home and like that was hard and the only response from this friend of hers is only cautiously from Carolina and then their conversation like you know pulls out of like the deep vulnerable place. There's an opportunity for connection and goes to the superficial shed about like. Yeah. Only Gosh Yeah I went to the school and other that and so. I think that we are we and and this is why I get. So Christoph about like conversations around already being happy and you know try to be happy at the APP Yappy. Like pain is part of the human condition and that's actually how we connect and. People isolated in their pain. Don't heal from that and so yes, of course when we're heartbroken, we probably do need a certain level of alone time but part of the reason for that is because so much shame around feeling depressed and grieving and crying and. Whatnot they behalf to isolate, and so I think if we were able to come to more of a place where. You know processing and grieving and going through difficult motions with something that people didn't run from but instead they run round to word and we're like, oh my gosh, you're having a rough time like. Let's like go for a walk. Let's just be together. We don't have to talk about but here, let me put my hand on your shoulder and just let you know here and I. Love You. Right like that's what we think we need to do more of and I don't think outside Directional removing were moving further away from that I think by putting everything on social media and You know not having a much eye contact not having communication that has all the like nonverbal associated with that I. mean there was a time where like we used to morning groups that was like a like a social thing..

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