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Why this week seven because of money in the bank if you count sunday as this week we'll have Thirteen th straight days of shows actually live on the air from last monday through next saturday and I host on tuesdays and thursdays tuesday's host with a rotating co host last tuesday. It was jason powell from pro wrestling dot net worth talking about monday night raw and money. In the bank and thursdays i host the interview. Thursday format and i am pleased to announce that today's guest on today's interview. Thursday is none other than sam. Roberts of the sam roberts show Sam compete with your torch live past. Hey thanks for having me great to have you want now Sam by way of introduction I'd like you to talk about how your journey to being one of the top pro wrestling podcasters and a little bit more about the show that you do also sirius xm satellite weeknight basis. Well i mean. I was gonna say that part of the journey and being able to accomplish as much of i i've accomplished is because started early but i didn't when reagan was in office so yeah no actually many more but you know i was working Very a show called opie and anthony which was on. Xm radio at the time before merging sirius xm and we would have wwe guests on and I started talking to the publicists that would come in and realize that like like the press conferences that they would hold it the hard rock and stuff like that like i kind of is a fan always thought they were just kind of a work press conference like just show and then i found out that press can actually go to the press conference and i said well i work for this show. Can i go to the press conference and interview some of these guys. And they're like yeah of course is like wow so i went and you know kinda got a taste of that and it was before typecasting was big and before you was big and i was just kind of gathering audio to play on the radio show and then i probably after a couple of years i said you know. Let me just not do this. Just for the radio show but ask questions that i want to know is it wrestling fan and start uploading them to use you and so i would do that and they started to you know kinda get a little bit popular. I think a lot of that was because there weren't a ton of people doing youtube wrestling interviews at that point And i ended up doing probably three or four year. Not a tom But then as it happened it was more and more as as my radio. Career progressed to the point. Doing my own show and and doing all of that then had more opportunity to get guys in studio to actually sit down and have long conversations with guys and eventually you know i said about a year and a half ago i was doing china wrestling youtube and i just wanted some kind of foreign invasion about it like not just me. Being a person who has entered a bunch of wrestlers. I said why not give the wrestling fans that. Listen to me an outlet where it can just be wrestling. And i love talking about wrestling so i started the podcast and now that's kind of what way this for me as the moment wrestling. Podcast once a week and then sirius. Xm every night. Monday through friday from nine to midnight. We will we throughout the show some stories from your interviews and maybe some insights into The challenges and fun that are part of interviewing protesters live in studio and so in in the format that you also want to invite callers. because we've got a big paper becoming up on sunday. I i hear sam From none other than michael cole that this is a wrestlemainia worthy pay per view with I can resume made event. I keep hearing that. This is just another wrestlemainia which is amazing You know. I think it's more of a money in the bank. Pay per view the money in the bank mats and i mean the main events are amazing but i think i think i'm i'm comfortable saying it's a very good money in the bank. I do like that. They are back typing and not just presenting every once in a while. I feel like they kind of match out there and they just sort of expect people to understand. It's a big deal i think. Aj against styles is a big deal. I think they're exaggerating a little bit. How long this has been a dream match of quote sports entertainment fan so i don't think fifteen years ago or twelve years ago people thought man i hope someday we can see john cena against aj styles but in fairness i'm four little embellishing because it is a dream act. It is the two two wrestlers from two different worlds of the last dozen years Johnson from a a big match main event standpoint. Nobody's had more. Nobody's been in more big time events and obviously the number one name and pro wrestling styles. The number one name out there. I guess you could you know. Throw a couple of other people in conversation. But i think he's working news. Japan probably switch them over the top as the number one don. Wwe wrestler so it is a dream match in that sense and stuff that the The champion and over losses belt against roman reigns. who has the belt. Those feel like a big match too. So i i do like. They're making that they're underlining how important these matches are but it has gotten maybe slightly comical often they They inject the word recipe the But it's a lot of pain we're gonna we're gonna take phone calls so if you're listening to us live at one zero eight eastern right now. jump on the phone lines are number is.

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