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One eastern great to aware of that at the time or otherwise assigned anonymously. What you did. It should be a lesson to all those all young go like. I can't get booked anywhere. It's like well. Then make a walker relate because when we started we would. Esl take no for an answer. Nobody so that that was the motivation. The driving force behind it and then long behold obviously that opened my doors into getting into the gathering and doing shows now me. I've always had a soft spot for like improv. That's i love the most. It just fucking sell. You know what. I'm saying like one of my biggest like a improv comedians. If you will growing up especially back home as keegan michael key fan. Sure he's brilliant. My god dude is just a fucking dog. They tells me this. I started because i just think these corny be improv groups. I know how close fixes. So i'll be on. I didn't really want to do. Stand up but i felt the only way that i could get seen and get known and get some kind of leg up in the game was if i did it. Yeah and then. When i get to that point kind of brand myself i wanted to do it and i've never seen a stand up. I keep trying to give them the zulu but he's really haven't done it in years. Oh you haven't eye toward there was an artists on his label. That i toured took me on a few tours around the country. Love doing it. Just mc mc in gigolo oh show like never been done before. And i tell him like it's crazy to think i had no one to look up to no one's done it before you know what i'm saying like this is there's some nights people are just drunk came. They don't give a fuck where you're saying. There's some nights i would kill. You know sure That's the way it goes. But my whole man. I love doing improv. And i love doing like sketches and skits in in these blogs that were doing Performing right exactly so i. I respect the hell out of standup. I love it but it was. I kinda used it in a way to get where. I'm at hooked me because this bastard got the stand up comedy to me in like george carlin hands down favorite guy of also sure questions nose in a fight somebody for him. He's great man but a little kid. I remember like the whole gyp. It did you fart. And all had me rolling in the. I knew he was like a stand up comedy. I knew he hosted shit for us But i thought he was a stand up comedy. I got like analysts. Respect for stand up comics. Just the thought you know what i do and what you guys do is like night and day. You know we're all performers. You know but if i fucked up over music and shit when i'm a one component of like bright so many different things going on in the stadium. It's just you know music microphone. You know what i'm saying. You fuck off you're gonna get it. Yeah i got so. Because there's no way i could do that. You know. i've tried whole opposite just not. I'm just not that big quick that. Yeah but so i thought he saw mad respect for him out. He doesn't do stand up at all. Know put a warning. He says it. Because i say the same thing. Stand up i. I don't know if i should. Because if i get it would be like come on. Suck at this point at this point. You've probably not well. He he did say what it's called. I don't wanna give an inch movie back in the day with like you know it's the worst thing i'm dog. It's beyond words. How bad it is but i always bring it up on our shit. Oh you don't want to get no i've because the other person they will it's this i can tell you guys are actually friends when you're actually friends with somebody you're like. Yeah man you could. We're still friends. Because i've only known him for maybe like two and a half two years. Okay i'm not sick as you get this kid fuck true. Did you want to set up with what you're known for to action. Oh so you mentioned that you weren't familiar with tech talk. Allow me to take you on a magical journey over going down the rabbit hole. We're going down. Let's let's set up what she also listen. This is what you do for this. Is what my vocation my second job my primary and then my hobby is tech. Talk and i curate. The finest outliers like you know like these dance videos. There's hot girls do shit. That's not the talk island. These folks motherfucker motherfucker with the. I could be on your team. I'm telling space you want to hear him on. Tikva who she found him. God i was so fucking. Yes anything social media affirmative weirdo. You want to hear some. We'll fuck affect me. When i was a kid. I had of course posters in my room. When i was a kid. Saying advocated cain vanessa williams christina applegate and on their heads would find freak magazines. Call them like the naughty man. The bumps cut the heads out and put him on all the heads on my posters in my room and we just me and my home uses laugh magazine. Yes yeah yeah. I'm into the segment.

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