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But i think it's right. What popper says is imagine all the theories. Okay imagine all possible hypotheses he had a book entitled conjectures and refutations so imagine all possible conjectures. You should make about the world and what you should do. According to popper is treat all of them as potentially true and collect data. That says up note. That one is false. You slice away. The false ones bit by bit and you're left with the truth. That is the way of reaching the truth. So this is not what people actually do for all sorts of reasons mostly because just like with the induction discussion we had before it assumes a level of certainty or of definitive nece. That is never there in the real world when you have a conjecture. Let's say you're conjecture is a newtonian. Gravity is correct. That's conjecture you do an experiment. And you find that you are not agreeing with the prediction of newtonian gravity. Do throwaway newtonian gravity. Well you know. We did that for the motion of uranus and the planet uranus was discovered and we track this motion through the sky. It was not agreeing with the prediction. Tony gravity did we. Falsify newtonian gravity. No we said maybe. There's another planet out beyond uranus. We call it neptune and we've actually found it. The same thing happened with mercury right. The planet mercury's motion around the sun was not compatible with newtonian gravity. Did we falsify newtonian gravity. Actually yes this time. We did because general relativity..

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