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And how did you creatively breakthrough to rise up to meet the challenge of it i think as an editor i'll start they're the toughest scene is outside the laundromat at the end when she seen the tv footage and then there's the flashbacks and it was tough because i knew what happened in the movie and of course you know producers and everyone else working on the movie knew what happened and so to us it felt like we were going really really far in terms of like telegraphing what was like like the seems like pretty extreme or doing here because it was actually sition to explain yeah what what was happening and and we also played with like what the tv would say like how explicit i should say the tv is a green screen is not really playing what it's playing and we were playing with like how explicit it should be we're like no it has to be too far to say like police retract identity on body like and then we realized as we're showing it to people like we did a cut that was like weighed less information and people had like crazy theories about like like there was kind of fun to hear but like really close the crazy like maybe heather had a wax dummy made of herself and and and the police just were taking too long to figure out that it wasn't an actual human as she she wants wants to so that's in hollywood so it could happen and i was like okay this is obviously this is this is this is an issue here and but at the same time i didn't i wanted to feel like i could live with myself in terms of like letting people be able to process it and i always think about how raymond chandler talked about his writing and how he sometimes he didn't even know what was going on and it was so convoluted that like he wasn't sure he could follow the threads and but that for him that it's really important to not make it too obvious into like when you're in something like that like what if you're if you're philip marlowe like it is really hard to follow the threads and the motivations and so to kind of find find find a way to.

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