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While. But I'm really loving this series though. Like I tweeted, I was like, this is the best possible matchup that we could have gotten in my opinion. And I think these two teams have lived up to it. This is like extremely high level basketball, man. Well, I'll tell you this, guys. Giannis for two weeks was a fucking nightmare. I went to the game three and I said to my dad at one point, I was like, it's just so nice to go to Celtic playoff games and not have Giannis just kind of wandering around the court like an alien and just every fast break you're aware of him and it was just so nice to just not have him in a series then we shift immediately to Steph. It's like going from a haunted house to a haunted house. These are the two scariest guys in the league. I'm sure. As you said, I mean, part of you wants to have to hurt you, though. There's a part deep down. I wish I could agree with you on that, but I'm not rooting for him at all. And I've even been able to work up a tiny bit of antipathy for him. I got to say. Yeah. Because I do think he pushes off a little on the drives. Definitely. I do think he dives into people a tiny bit. But I mean, the rest of the guys, clay, I was surprisingly easy to root against. I find him annoying now. I just have to complete one 80 on him. It's like, who do you think you are? Klay Thompson. And then obviously draymond has been a delight as a villain. And especially like a little bit of a diminished villain. You know, it's a little like Schwarzenegger in The Batman movie. Yeah, my favorite, my favorite draymond moment of this series, and I don't know if it would be topped. It's when he used Jalen Brown as an Ottoman. And pretended he pretended like, what? Oh, I'm just putting my leg there. It's like, yo, this guy is, he's just another level of troll. That was a normal basketball move was, find a new slant. Yeah, they do it. They do have more tricks than I think they get credit for. I think they're assumed to be this classy team, but clay is really good at just shoving the guy backwards into the guy who's shooting when he's being screened and they do have some stuff. All right, we're going to wrap up was rob Mahoney. It was great to see you. I don't really like the circumstances. Two, two, headed.

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