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700. Teachers based on their underlying conditions for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, he says, Every school is equipped with all of the personal protective equipment needed on Wednesday, grades two through six and nine and 10 return on Friday. Grade. 78 11 and 12 comeback students who opted to continue remotely will do so. When do Grossman News Radio's 6 10 Judy, not of the numbers from the Florida Department of Health when it comes to Corona virus in factions, another 1415 diagnosed day 41 resident Deaths confirmed The state's positivity rate is just under 4%. The U. S. Supreme Courts will not hear the appeal by a Broward County nursing home where residents died following Hurricane Irma. The rehabilitation center in Hollywood Hills, contends it's due process rights were violated. When the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration improperly revoked the license. The storm knocked out power leading to sweltering conditions. Authorities attributed as many as 12 deaths to the conditions in the facility and the president fighting Corona virus. His competitors fighting for Florida Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning this afternoon in Little Haiti in Little Havana before participating in an NBC aired Primetime Town Hall from the Prez Art Museum. Miami with next week's schedule presidential debate from Miami still up in the air. If they you political science professor Kevin Wagner says this priest how important Florida the largest swing state is from both campaigns took a predictor. Who's going to actually win this election? I think you're seeing the emphasis that the campaign is putting on Florida and I think you'll see When we've already seen the emphasis of the Trump campaign. This is Biden's first physical trip to South Florida in more than a year. Aircraft Biggest news radio sets 10 w 30,319 points 28,001 NASDAQ Up 175 points as MP 500 up 40 points More news at 2 30 More rush after we check whether next news radio 6 10 w Y O T. This report is sponsored by unbound dot or GE. Not too much changing. Over.

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