Bernie Sanders, Senator, D._C discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


The maternity ward is closing there are like forty eight women who are pregnant and who are ready to give birth in that hospital right now there are patients with terminal cancer who are receiving treatment right now there are elderly early people with diabetes who are receiving treatment right now they cannot go anywhere they would have to take three buses in their infant condition to even receive treatment so what this is is actually a death sentence and so when the senator sees that this is a fight right of humanity of basic humanity he's going to show up and he's going to move his staff and the resources at his disposal I his email list to turn people out to show up for the vitamin. I think he'll he'll continue to do that and that's like a defining characteristic or defining it just it's it's the defining feature. That's why it makes me. It makes me genuinely proud to be a member of this campaign and I should you say <hes> for folks who didn't hear my interview yesterday with the David Day in about this a hanuman it's sort of a proof of concept for a private equity to come in <hes> by the hospital separate the hospital from the land bankrupt the hospital keep the land sell the land development for condos. This can happen like you say urban centers around the country. This particular private equity outfit owns a half a dozen other hospitals in D._c.. You See <hes> l a couple of other cities and then of course it doesn't have to end with hospitals. You can go to any massive institutions that are you know. Serving folks in the urban cities are well so with that said this this notion of a building the movement simultaneously running for a campaign. How does it affect your strategy when there are other candidates who because they rely on big donors they've got to prove certain things early on the campaign to maintain that support where Bernie Sanders relies <hes> primarily on small donors small donors who have not maxed out in this month <hes> year and a half out from the thing date?.

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