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Yeah, looks a thousand years old. He's fifty one and cruises fifty one. If you don't know who that is. It's like, imagine if the old guy from drastic park John Hammond Jon Hamm. But like that actor was the same age as Tom Cruise. Now, that's what it looks like. It looks like a little dress lug with a mustache, right? So when we were growing up, fifty, one year olds look like they looked like dog poop. Yeah, they look like Tom Cruise and just for the record. Ted Danson is considerably older than I am a lot. At least fifty gentlemen doesn't say the age. He's had a, he's had a toupee right for a long time ever since I've only for a couple of weeks. Wait, no, this joker is the joke. He's beautiful Harris fake from cheers. Yeah, I think they do a bit about in one episode. Where off does that change things because of the way it looks or that he lied to you. No, I like a liar. But we you're, you're cool. With the time he did black face. He did. Yeah, it was a really bad luck did not. Wow, I have no idea. I don't really. I'm not up on Ted Danson and came from the same thing dog as one of people beginning -nology. Right? Yes, kicked it off genealogy in the episode that name of it was I forget what the name of the challenges that beset. But in the room, we had a name that I really enjoyed jumpers came up with it. It was ancest-. Not safe for TV and says, not Harry Taj as they called it on Taj. That was to me because I didn't watch like I wasn't there that day that the filmed it. So that's always a fun little surprise. So when they started talking about hair Taj, like that's a brilliant name for a company heritage. Our our show makes basically shell companies to all the time these bits. So we do challenge and it's a focus group. We have a whole focus group company that tests people, but it's fake, right? None of the results matter. It's just for our little hidden camera show. So this is another example. We've made a fake ancestry company. We have all those all their DNA. Yeah. Yeah, I guess I guess yet technically could have gotten attested. I don't think anybody got a free DNA test or anything that was part of it. I thought we hooked up with a real company and like helped people get a free thing. That's what I believed. No, not at all. You know, for sure, I'm positive. We didn't. We just took acute tips and threw in the trash in a week. Oh, man. Personally, I would not do a DNA test. I used to think that I would because I was like, cool. Remember when they were like catching all these murderers through like DNA? Sure, one of the get caught well, sure. Guilt. I'm getting real reckless. Nobody was like, yeah, man. All help put away like a weird that I'm like, sure. Has some people poop. But then I, I was like, oh, they're selling that DNA stuff to like big pharma now, getting real paranoid and I'm like me too, but blood out of your hand, kind of always thought that that where it was going never seen on the level to me like my sister on me to do on a never did it. She got my dad to do it. And my mom also said, it's now it's like I might as well have done it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. They can basically stitch together your data exactly clone of you. That's just like a little bit off. Do that other sound scare? Like it's like it's a quilt? Yeah, I don't wanna do the DNA I think as I'm getting older, I'm getting more afraid of what I put out what people know about me on the internet. In fact, yesterday I took a screen shot and I posted it and at the top left corner, it said Verizon and I was like, oh, man, what do I do at? Can people like backtrack and like find me through their number. What's your kill me? What is your, what do you think they would do with that? They'd be like, okay, you see Joe's. He uses Verizon hall varieties in, okay, first of all, how works techno music playing and there's a hacker in a in a really dark room, but he's eliminated by this by the screen he's wearing fingerless gloves..

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