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The male star game draft is tonight, but we're in for the heavy lifting here for King James in the Greek freak ahead of it. It's the first take NBA all star draft with these two Yannis as Smith against LeBron Kellerman. Hello, gentlemen. Thank you for being here tonight. These guys were alternate picks in max, you are up. I let me see he already got a seven footer, but he can't shoot. Gimme a seven footer who can Kevin Durant. I'm keeping track sharpie. Here we go. Where do you want right here? Sure. Every screen little squad. You have there is easy. For me. I'm going with the greatest shooter in the history of basketball. It's an all star game that will be no defense. People be allowed to do what they want to do any damn way. Why would I not take the greatest shooter in the history of basketball that would happen to be Steph curry, and plus I got the Senate I who who's not shooter. So I need somebody with them. That's the shooter. I'm going with Steph curry, oh, you just leaving. All all the all the players for me. Right taken. I got LeBron K D, And you didn't even take Hawaii. Gimme Kawai wares. cO? Why? Man can shoot also. And you're not going to school. Okay. I like that. I like that is skewed me I want shoot as again. Okay. Give me the second best shooter in basketball as far as I'm concerned, I need Klay Thompson. Let me get Klay Thompson, please. Yes. I want Klay Thompson. Let me get. You. Can't get clay. He's a reserve. You can't start clay starter. I'm sorry..

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