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Fifth so something has to be done before march fifth this is the ideal opportunity to do it six senators eight senators a large group of senators have gotten together and tried to work something out that's bipartisan and a lot of senate democrats are saying finally let's force the issue and while the the leverage of shutting down the federal government or or beginning a process that leads to that is very drastic it's one of the few pieces of leverage democrats actually have this is something they feel deeply about so amp the only ford as and they have said repeatedly this is what they are going to do in the time is now okay so let's shift to the big picture conversation because this has been a year with a lot of news days like this one we don't even know what the news is going to look like when we're done taping the podcast as listeners regularly real has once they listen to itself we don't have time machine yet were working on it almost exactly a year believe it it saturday right ear saturday president trump took the oath of office i want to talk about what has changed in what hasn't so what are the biggest mara what are the biggest specific chains is trump has made to the presidency and two governing you know i thought about this align and i've done some reporting about this how has the presidency changed trump has trump changed the presidency the answer the first question is pretty easy it hasn't changed him at all he's the same guy who campaigned that's how we as president and you know when i was a single person my girlfriend's would always say when you go out with somebody that you eventually mary everything you need to know about that marriage and can find out if you think really hard about the first date so everything we know about donald trump we could have known by him in the campaign so i don't think he's changed at all i think he has changed the presidency my question.

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