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Today. Clear Blue sky and a high near 62 meteor rocks a skirt. Polish 95.5 wsb 40 degrees. Now midtown Atlanta We're seeing some low thirties outside the perimeter and what we're seeing in the early morning Dr WSB Sky copter. It's Mark McKay vehicle that went off the road into the side of a building onto the sidewalk. Correct now both of South bound lanes of Peachtree Road Leaving the Brookhaven artist Asian Club Drive heading toward bucket are shut down. You'll want to use an alternative to get around this temporary closure. No issues through downtown big Town, Atlanta Connector north and South bound, starting to fill up though what about 20? Veronika wrote. We're just watching a bit of a slow zone on the West Freeway. I 20 westbound as you head over into temples through that construction zone, but 20 eastbound wide open from Villa record to the West Side and 2 85. Same story. East Freeway. I 20 westbound. Nothing to slow you down through Conyers in light Dona at this report. Brandi by Comcast Business When unexpected comes calling, bounce forward what Comcast business, get Internet speeds of up to a gig and update your band with with a few clicks. Learn more at Comcast business dot com. Triple team traffic 95.5 WSB Coming up Next. The presidential vote recount has been requested in Wisconsin, plus 73 years, but you Jay finally has its first number one pick in the NBA draft. I'm feeling very joyful and excited. A black with what's next for Anthony Edwards. And where the Hawks go with the number six pick. WSB news time is 6 14. Hey, mom here to drive you to your doctor's appointment. We finished early. What do you mean with my human Medicare advantage plan Telehealth appointments with my doctor or covered? Wow, That's great. Well, that's human care for.

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