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By now you can go can I say my name. Okay. I'm steven. You're listening to morning edition on KCRW. Now this from KCRW news, California parole panel has recommended for the first time Charles Manson follower. Robert both video be freed. After nearly a half century in prison KCRW. Larry parole reports decision could be blocked by California's incoming governor turned out governor Jerry Brown has consistently stopped releases for followers of Manson who died in prison in two thousand seventeen Beaujolais was not involved in the most notorious killings of actress, Sharon Tate and six others in nineteen sixty nine. He was convicted in the killing of musician. Gary hinman that same year Hinden was tortured for three days, according to testimony at previous parole hearings, including when Manson cut his face with a sword Pearl panels ruled against releasing Beausoleil eighteen prior times Gary hinman cousin who attended yesterday's. Hearing says she hopes fillet stays in prison and says she plans to reach out to incoming governor Gavin news. To tell him. So Sharon Tate's sister was also at the hearing. She says she's going to start a social media petition drive so parole opponents can make their feelings known to Newsom Tate says testimony has shown Beausoleil is still physically capable of violence at had borderline psychological reports. She also says he keeps breaking prison rules by profiting from selling his art and music outside of prison for KCRW Larry.

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